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About : What We Do & Who We Are

Born in 2021,  the mission of is to provide the most in-depth discussions about style and fashion. We want to remove the gap between knowing fashion/style sense and applying.

StyleLifted aims to become a global brand in fashion and style. We want to remove all the bottlenecks to become knowledgeable on fashion and style. From beauty to fashion to lifestyle – we provide answers to all spheres to celebrate and encourage everyone & their unique needs.  Our goal is to empower everyone who has a passion to show themself in front of the world.

On this site, we strive for the highest-quality researched content from real fashion experts, lifestyle experts. We make sure each piece of content is:

  • Battle-tested with real-life experiences and applications
  • Products are actually tested with quality pictures

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Meet our Management Team

Ella Labbate– Chief Editor

Ella is a lifelong fashion enthusiast. Since she was 10, she used to participate in the various homerun-style shows in her neighborhood.

Her mother was her main inspiration and taught her all the basic essentials as she grew up. In 2021, she decided to put all her lessons into a blog, which fast forward to now, has become

Ella is one of the original founders of & tries to manage the editorial aspects of the site and ensures each article is accurate as it can be.

Lydia Rose – Head of Research & Analyst

Bestie come partners, Lydia is one of our head research and style analyst. She studied graduation along with Ella and later on both joined a fashion institute to pursue their passion. Later, both decided to work together and thus joined to work together on this fashion blog.



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