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Can You Bring Your Own Nail Polish To A Salon? [ The Truth ]

Your nails have a big factor in giving out great first impressions that will last long to people you meet both in your workspace and your social space. Getting them treated through trained professionals in a salon from time to time is highly recommended to pamper to give them some necessary extra pampering and nourishment and take care of them properly.

Getting your nails treated regularly helps increase blood circulation, enhance the well-being of your nails, keep your hands and feet smooth and delicate, and help de-stress, providing a relaxing experience.

The mental and physical health benefits of getting a nail treatment by going to a professional salon are quite extraordinary.

Having proper etiquette is important, especially if you plan to visit a professional nail salon regularly. When planning a visit, one question that may come to your mind is, “Can I bring my nail polish?” This article helps you deal with that very question.

Can You Bring Your Own Nail Polish To A Salon?

To answer your question shortly: Yes, you can bring your nail polish when visiting a professional salon. And it does not have to stop at just nail polish either. There is no reason why you cannot take your buffs, files, and other nail accessories for the same either.

It might be considered more hygienic also, in fact, especially considering the COVID-19 times we are living in, or if you have brittle and weak nails that you would want to protect.

Is it rude to bring your tools to a nail salon?

It’s mainly about handling the whole situation, making sure you are polite and respectful towards the technicians and the employees, and not making them feel unappreciative of their service. Still, if you feel hesitant about doing so, you can call the nail salon and let them know in advance.

Most technicians understand you have your specific preferences, and they might not have a particular shade you want for your nails if it isn’t a popular one.

It is important to remember that not every nail salon will have every shade of each color. Taking your nail polish can be considered a security and reassurance that you can get your nails done in a color that suits you.

It is probably a good idea to call the nail salon and inform them in advance. It gives them adequate time to make necessary preparations and keep additional products ready that might work with the product you are bringing, providing you the best service.

It’s better to be upfront about the reasoning behind bringing your products instead of shying away from it or being defensive about it.

It might help them plan better; and avoid any needless issues such as a mix-up between the ownership of the product, especially by employees who might be unaware of you bringing your stuff, causing unnecessary drama.

You can also verify the compatibility of your nail polish with their process of giving manicures if they are aware of it from the start, as it may differ from salon to salon (even if slightly, and not by much).

Ultimately, the way to approach the whole situation is probably a decision you should make for yourself, depending on your reasoning behind the same and the response of the salon itself.

Advantages of taking your nail polish to the salon

  • You will get the color as per your choice. There is no guarantee that the salon will have the color as per your preference, especially if you feel like going for something uncommon rather than the popular ones. Most salons, unfortunately, have a limited range. There is a chance they might be out of stock for certain colors and may try to influence you to choose a color that you do not want. Depending on your skin tone, especially for darker tones, they might not be having the perfect color for you. Bringing your nail polish eliminates the probability of all these issues arising, giving you your desired look and protecting your investment.
  • You will get the quality desired. Perhaps you are worried about the quality of the products at the nail salon and are unsure about lasting as long as you want them to. The best option is to buy a higher quality product from them. It will take care of any hygiene-related worries that might arise in your mind.
  • You will save everyone’s time and prevent unnecessary frustration. It might be quite difficult to decide which color to wear on your nails, especially under a pressurized environment where other people are waiting in line behind you to avail the salon’s services or if you are in a rush yourself. And truth be told, it can take quite some time to go through all the options available and find the best fit for you. Frustration levels can rise both on your part, and the nail technician’s if it takes too long. Identifying the polish color you want ahead of time and bringing it with you certainly helps save a lot of time and ensures that you get the color you want.
  • You will avoid any potential allergens. Not everyone responds well to all nail polish products and brands, and some can be highly allergic. If you know that a particular compound or chemical in a certain brand causes you allergic reactions or issues, you will certainly try to avoid it. There are chances of the said chemicals being present in the salon’s products. It is not an easy task to have the ingredients of every product checked, with it being excessively time-consuming and frustrating. Bringing your product helps prevent this unnecessary hassle.

Disadvantages of taking your nail polish to the salon

  • You are decreasing the value of the service. You are essentially paying twice for the polish and once for the service as a whole. The salon will not give you any discount for bringing your polish. So, you are paying the total price for a service that you are not getting in its entirety.
  • There might be issues with the product. It would help keep certain nail polishes at certain temperatures and conditions. So, you will need to be particularly careful about looking after them so that they are preserved properly and don’t get damaged when kept at home or in transit. If it does get damaged, your manicure won’t last too long, no matter how good the nail technician is.
  • It might cause you unnecessary problems. Though bringing your nail polish to a salon may not be rude or problematic, the way you approach and deal with the whole situation might be a hassle. It might cause problems regarding ownership of the product if not dealt with properly, as the employees might assume the product to be theirs if they are unaware. Also, there is a chance they might blame your product instead of owning up to their fault if you are dissatisfied with their service.


Most salons have no issue with you bringing your nail polish or other accessories along with you, provided you handle the situation well and let them know in advance.

Ultimately, it’s a decision you have to make yourself whether you feel it’s worth bringing your product with you to the nail salon. Some of the pros and cons of the same are listed above to help you make that same decision.