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Can You Have Your Phone In A Tanning Bed? [ Answered ]

Let us face it; we are on our phones most of the time. The present way of living is all about staying connected to people either through our socials or through texts. We practically cannot do without our phones.

So, if you want to get a nice tan and cannot make that trip to the beach, spending time on a tanning bed will be fun and helpful. But what will you do for those long hours? I am sure you want to know if you can have your phone on a tanning bed.

Don’t worry; this article will help you understand the dos and don’ts of taking your phone to the tanning bed.

Can You Have Your Phone In A Tanning Bed?

Of course, you can take your phone to the tanning bed, but I will not recommend it due to the long-term damage that you will face. At times, a few salons forbid you from taking your phone too. Why? Because if you distract yourself and cause a mishap, the salon will have to bear a loss. Or maybe, you might end up hurting yourself while being engrossed in your phone.

If your phone remains under direct UV rays for a longer period, it can damage your screen, destroy the battery and other electronic parts.

What Should You Not Do In A Tanning Bed?

You should avoid taking makeup, jewelry, lotions to your bed as the skin is in contact to direct sunlight. Lotions and sun do not go too well, so avoid doing this as it can cause sunburn, worsening your skin instead of improving it.

Before buying a lotion or any other skin product, always remember to go through the medication prescribed to keep your skin safe. Direct exposure to UV rays may affect your sensitive skin. Also, avoid bringing in essential oils, perfumes, jewelry, or makeup.

Can You Text In A Tanning Bed?

Nowadays, tanners take off the eye protection they used to wear before because they want to use their phones during their tanning sessions. It is a newly found trend!

Goggles hamper the clarity to read and see the texts, so tanners want their eyes to be open during the tanning session, increasing the risk for their eyes. The trend is surely very scary and frightening.


Some new changes and rules can certainly be brought into the old regulations and see to it that the customer is also satisfied and the salon employees do not face any difficulty while tanning the customer’s skin.

The customers could take UV block eye protection, which protects their eyes from the dangerous UV rays, safeguards the eyes, and has some space for visibility that could help the customer easily send texts or play certain favorite games. At the same time, they get a tiny golden glow on their skin.

Can I Wear Headphones In A Tanning Bed?

Of course, you can wear your headphones in a tanning bed. It is your choice what songs you would like to listen to here.

But there might be some cons that ultimately put you at risk. Let’s go through the pointers to note the things that you need to avoid while in a tanning bed :

  • If you may tend to fall off to sleep with the headphones on and the music is loudly playing in the background, it will hurt your eardrums. A radiation spark comes out of the headphones, which in turn can cause your head to explode.
  • It is unsafe to expose the headphone wire for a longer period on the tanning bed, especially because it will be under direct UV rays. However, UV rays usually do not affect electronics, but you can’t be sure about the fact, so be on the safe side.
  • Tanning beds tend to cause skin cancer. Consult your dermatologist before doing anything to your skin.

Can You Make Calls In A Tanning Bed?

Oops, unfortunately, no, and in the first place, would you wish to make phone calls lying in the tanning bed? There is always an option for making calls, but you should be careful while in a tanning bed.

Some people set their phones in a way to receive calls in a tanning bed and transfer the calls to the phone so that they can hear everything. But alas, you won’t be able to make any entertaining or important calls in between.

The second option is more practical than the desired first option. For making calls, the best solution is to install a wireless phone device into the tanning bed, and unlike other people, you will have to keep a small keypad phone, unlike the touchscreen. It can be a perfect choice to send texts, make calls, surf the internet, and send or receive mail.

Does Using Your Cellphone In The Tanning Bed Damage It?

If you accidentally bump into someone in a tanning bed, you may tend to drop your phone, break it or put your heavy weight on it. Not only your phone, but you can also hurt yourself and break your bones or anything else.

You might not have the energy to fight away with a hefty figure, so why waste your time and energy? Instead, take care of your personal belongings to avoid trouble. You may even slip and fall, so be careful to take care of yourself and your mobile phone in the tanning bed.

There is another risk for your mobile phone. Want to know what it is? Well, the harmful UV rays can cause damage to the phone. You might drain the battery off very soon as the phone tends to become hot under direct rays of the sun. You should know about all this before you go for a tanning session.

The harmful UV rays destroy your phone and can also take a toll on your health quickly. Many people don’t realize the damage these UV rays cause them. A trained professional might be of some help here.

UV rays can also cause wrinkles on your beautiful face and make your skin dry. We do know that dry and flaky skin does not look flattering. So it is perhaps the worst way of getting permanent damage to your body.


I hope this article helped clear all the doubts in your mind while you are in the tanning bed. The various things that you need to know are there above point-wise. So, the next time you are on a tanning bed, I hope you choose what is right for you.