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Can You Paint Nail Polish Over Shellac

Gel polishes are so much better than regular nail paints. They last for up to a few weeks, and since gel paints are thicker, they prevent your nails from chipping and breaking. The finishing of gel paints is flawless and dazzling.

I know it can be a lot of money on them, but you see, they are worth the cost! After all, gel paints look so lavish and posh!

But there are some problems that come with shellac nails. The article has got all your queries settled on this page. Scroll down to find your answers right here.

First up, let us find out you can paint regular nail polish over shellac nails.

Can You Paint Nail Polish Over Shellac?

You can always use regular nail polish to paint over the Shellac coat. However, it would help if you were using thin and lucid nail paint to avoid clumpiness and mess around the cuticles.

One of the most significant disadvantages of using shellac nail paint is that removing it at home becomes a toiling affair. Unlike regular nail polishes, you cannot remove shellac nail polishes in a few seconds with nail polish removers.

Select a dark shade. Make sure that you have acetone-free nail paint. The nail paint should come with a thin and runny consistency, and it should not take much time to dry up. It should be free from clumps and thick formula.

Painting on top of an outgrown manicure is a risk and a messy task. You cannot call it an ideal fix, but it is the quickest fix for sure.

Should You Remove Shellac With a Nail Polish Remover?

Removing shellac paint at home is the most challenging job. It takes a lot of time and patience to work out its magic. If you are sitting with an outgrown manicure at home with a forcing urge to peel it off somehow, I can feel you.

Don’t worry. Let’s see if we can fix this at home with a nail polish remover.

Here are the steps you can try:

  1. Soak some cotton balls in acetone.
  2. Wrap one nail with one cotton ball that has b in acetone. Now, wrap it up again tightly with aluminum foil.
  3. Let it sit the way it is for about 10 minutes.
  4. Wipe your nails again with acetone. Yes, it is going to require a lot of manual labor. Once you complete the rubbing, you might see the paint coming off.

I know the guide looks pretty simple and easy to do now, as you read it. But trust me, this will be much easier if you can head straight away to a salon!

If you are wondering whether you can use regular polish with the shellac top-coat, the following paragraphs are your answers.

Can you use regular polish with a shellac top-coat?

So, you are planning to top your regular nail polish with a shellac coat. Alright, I get where you are heading. The answer to your question is yes. You can do so.

Humorous, but true! I have always done it successfully. Since I cannot always assure that the nail paint will last for more than two weeks, using shellac paint along with it makes me so confident about its long-lasting nature.

Consider taking the help of the guide below if you want to master this art by yourself.

  1. Soak your fingers in warm water for at least 10 minutes. If you have a shortage of time, cut it short till 5 minutes at least. Push back your cuticles and file the nails to obtain a smooth contour.
  2. Apply rubbing alcohol to your nails using cotton balls but make sure you wipe off the nails well. We don’t want to leave those tiny bits of cotton balls on the nails.
  3. Once the alcohol has dried up, you can apply a base coat to your nails and place your nails under the UV lamp for up to 10 seconds. Mind you, if the nail paint overflows and crosses the boundaries of the cuticles, all this is going to get hard and set after you pull your hands out from the lamp. It will look funny, so better you take care of it.
  4. Now, you can put on a top coat and place your hands under the UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  5. Do you see a tacky layer on top? Remove it by spraying some alcohol or wipe-off with cotton balls soaked in alcohol.
  6. Apply your favorite nail paint and let it dry. Make sure the nail paint remains within the cuticles. Don’t forget to repeat the coats and let them dry and the UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
  8. If you have any drops of nail paint that have crossed the cuticles and have spread around the cuticles onto your skin, you can wipe them off using regular nail polish remover. Do not use acetone.

Don’t tell me never, even for once; you thought of peeling off your shellac nails at home! But wait, before you make the situation worse.

Can you peel off shellac nail polish?

If the nails have outgrown and you don’t have enough time for salon, the temptation to peel your shellac nail paint is liable—however, the question that arises, whether or not it’s safe to do so. Frankly speaking, it’s unsafe.

In this practice, you will be rough and tough with the shellac paint, and in doing so, you might call damage to your nails too. When you try to peel off the shellac from your nails, you could cause the topmost layer of your nails to peel too. Does It sound painful? It must!

I would instead suggest you paint the outgrown portion with regular nail paint on top of the shellac instead of making the situation worse. The healing process is going to take a long time after this. Thus, never try to peel off your shellac at home. No matter how strong the urge is, try to resist it.

Can you paint regular nail polish over gel polish?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can paint your nails with regular nail polish over the gel nail polish, you can always do so.

Yes, you can paint regular nail polish over the gel nail polish. The gel nail polish is nothing but a protective coat that saves your nails from getting stained from the nail color. The gel polish acts as a barrier between the nail color and the nail enamel. It protects your nail from staining and other issues that may arise if your nail comes in direct contact with the nail colors.

How to Keep Shellac Nails From Peeling?

Your shellac nails are going to peel off pretty quickly if you don’t cease to use your nails more as tools in your daily life. Another common cause for the shellac nails to the chip is that you use a lot of water.

Washing your hands too frequently is not suitable for the longevity of your shellac nails. In fact, in winters, washing your hands too frequently can lead to dry cuticles and aging of your hands. The skin at the back of your palm would start to shrink and age because of dryness.

No one is asking you to ditch your hygiene. All I am requesting is that since you have invested quite a reasonable sum of money in your shellac nails, use water only when it’s about your hygiene.

If you keep moisturizing your hands and nail cuticles, you will be preventing your shellac nails from peeling! Several choices let you choose a suitable cuticle oil for your nails and nail beds. You must wash your hands and massage a hand cream before going to bed. Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize!

Lastly, as already mentioned, you must not use your nails as tools. Stop scratching, opening packets, setting the bed sheet, peeling stuff with your nails, and avoid any physical strain that would cause your shellac nails to rip and chip off. Instead, you could use scissors and other tools specifically designed for performing those tasks.


I know it will take time to digest this information if you are new to the shellac custom. Don’t worry, it’s just about a couple of months, and you would be absolutely the master of shellac paints. Shellac paints have taken the industry by storm, but you may always choose to skip the lengthy salon sessions once in a while when you feel like doing so. If you live for styling and fashion, the same should not stop you from living your life in your way!