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Can You Play Basketball With Acrylic Nails? [ Answered ]

Basketball is a fun sport, but it is not an easy job to maintain fake nails when playing it. Your nails may give you trouble and hurt and make you feel frustrated. If you are not careful enough with the acrylics, it can break halfway or even completely. Not just that, you will tend to lose out on your points for your scoreboard.

So, if the question is, “Can You Play Basketball With Acrylic Nails?” bothers you, this article is for you.

Can You Play Basketball With Acrylic Nails?

Yep, after a good practice with fake nails, you can surely play well. Cheers! There are specially designed acrylic nails for your basketball, so there is no need to disappoint yourself.

Can I Play Any Sports With Acrylic Nails?

You might be a fanatic in sports, and it might make you go gaga over any sports scent coming up. You will want to know how to be a part of the sports championship with acrylic nails. Isn’t it?

Want to know the truth? You can play with acrylic nails. Being a part of the soccer gameplay is also a brilliant idea. 

The player gets a finer and better grip with acrylic nails, which helps them remain constant on the field. It prevents them from sliding in the pitch. Due to sliding and falling, the player tends to lose their grip on the ball. Other players take advantage and run along and kick the ball. But this can lead to serious injuries. 

There is no hard and fast rule for players in baseball. So they can choose long, acrylic, synthetic nails, or/and their natural nails. There are no prohibitions. 

MSF states that a professional player should adhere to the rules and should not wear any long nails, which could injure them if they are not a part of the match. It includes cleats, any equipment designed which holds onto the fingers of the player, artificial spikes. 

How To Play Basketball With Acrylic Nails? 

I’m sure you wish to know how you could play basketball with acrylic nails? Firstly your body movement needs to be very good. It would help if you had a swift speed and movement to change from one position to another. After this, you need to jump high and dunk the ball into the ring. 

Many players mortgage the jumping abilities and the correct body movement, so they sadly aren’t a part of the team. 

Perfectly long nails surely complement the play and help you in playing basketball. 

Acrylic nails and basketball are a perfect match that gives the nails a professional look and is a suitable assistant. 

Long nails in such sports prevent your opponent from teasing you in the game. Haha. 

Many players get long acrylic nails without actually spending more amount on it. So why are you waiting? Just follow certain tips and tricks, and you will certainly handle the situation well. Having the nails tattooed also gives them the best unique look.

How Can You Protect Your Nails While Playing Sports? 

Let’s face it, we all love a good manicure. But if you enjoy playing sports, it might be a tad bit difficult for you to maintain your nails. It means that you need to put in the extra effort to take care of it. 

The best way to keep your nails clear of injuries is to buff them once every week. The correct upkeep will protect your nails from breakage and help in retaining their strength.

Shaping your nails is as important as trimming them to a suitable size. Opt for a sapphire dust file if you are looking for a smooth finish. However, the ideal shape is round one on top and straight sides. 

If you want your nails just for a day or a week, only then go for oval, almond, or pointed shapes. These don’t last long as the nails become brittle with the excess filing.

Proper filing of nails increases the nail’s durability and prevents splits. Always use a cuticle remover if you want to protect your nail from damage. Stay clear of scratching your nails. 

Apply a base coat, a sealer, and a top coat to get the best result. Basecoat helps retain the color, and the topcoat protects your nails from outdoor games.

What to do to keep your nails clear of diseases?

Spotting is an early symptom of nail disease. If you wet your nails too much, it will weaken the nails. You can even end up with anemia or thyroid. If you spot white marks on your nails, rush to the doctor immediately. 


Go and get some acrylic nails if you are keen on knowing I’m how to play basketball with long nails. Treat yourself like the best professional athlete and champion. Achieve your dreams and pass all the difficulties with a smile.

Remember, with the bright, scorching sun above you in the playground, your acrylic nails might just come off. So make sure when you get your nails done, the nails should not come off in the heat. 

You should also have the right amount of glue not to come off your fake nails. Many people don’t know the correct way of putting it, and they end up putting it in the wrong way, due to which the nails fall off. 

The correct way of applying glue is one-quarter and one-half inch space.