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Do Female Models Shave Their Faces? [ Here’s The Truth ]

Hair on the body is very normal and not something out of the world. From our head to the toe, there are numerous places where we see hair growing. But do you want to keep your hair? It’s completely your choice. You keep it or remove it; it hardly matters to anyone else. You might have more thick hair due to your genetics, but you always have the option of shaving it.

Do Female Models Shave Their Faces?

You will find facial hair on every woman on Earth. So why shy away and hide in a room. Wait! If you don’t want to show your hair, then shave it; don’t run away like this.

There are usually two types of hair found on the body: terminal hair and vellus hair.

Terminal Hair:

Terminal hair is thick and dark, and you can find it above the upper lips and below the lower lips, in the neck, sideburns, or chin. Thick body hair grows back very quickly. Many women face this, and you can remove the hair with the help of facial shaving.

Vellus Hair:

Vellus hair is very thin, translucent, and fine. It covers your face and body, which is nearly invisible. Its main role is to evaporate sweat and regulate temperature. You can find Vellus hair on your forehead, cheeks, neck, upper and lower lips, sideburn area, and chin.

You can remove both terminal and vellus hair with the help of a facial shave.

Models usually shave their hair to look more attractive. They need to be in front of the camera most of the time. But many models give a damn and come on camera in their natural beauty and facial hair.

Is it weird for a female model to shave her face?

Nothing makes a female model look weird. It is completely up to them how they wish to appear on camera. But before going for a shave, one should always follow the advice of the experts.

Shaving your entire face or just removing a slight ‘tache. It is completely up to you. Your entire face becomes soft and thick regrowth is usually due to using a lot of razors. Threading, waxing, and depilatory creams are better options. A 21st-century woman wants to look beautiful in everything possible, from nails to face to clothes and makeup.

It can be psychologically stressful for a woman to go out in facial hair. Many women who have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POS) don’t shave their faces as POS causes Hirsutism which is harmful. Many creams like Vaniqa slow down the growth of hair. Laser treatment is best for removing hair permanently from your body and is a wonderful choice rather than shaving.

The visibility of facial hair also depends on the skin tone. Afro or Caucasian is smaller compared to Asian hair. Asian hair has more cuticles, which are stronger than the other. The growth of the hair after shaving is faster and thicker.

Pros Of Shaving Your Face As A Woman

  • Shaving is mostly free of pain.
  • The hair growth rate reduces for many days.
  • The skin becomes soft and supple post-shaving.
  • Shaving removes excess oil, hair, dead skin cells, debris and makes the skin brighter than before.
  • Because of shaving, the makeup also lasts for a longer period.
  • It makes one feel more confident, especially those conscious about their facial hair.

Cons Of Shaving Your Face As A Woman

  • At times while shaving, you may face a lot of irritation on your skin.
  • If your skin is too sensitive, you might have redness, ingrown hair, small cuts, irritation, and even infection.
  • The natural soft hair disappears, and you will see thick, sharp hair growing in its place.
  • Shaving may cause discomfort if you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, or acne.
  • It can be very risky and can even lead to an infection.
  • If your skin is sensitive or has any red patches, you should avoid shaving as you might face some irritation.
  • You need to shave the terminal hair more often to keep the hair in check.
  • Usually, if you have data hair, you might see dark patches under the hair after shaving it.
  • Ingrown hair is not a result of shaving off vellus hair, but terminal hair shaving can cause small bumps to erupt and cause irritation.
  • Shaving can cause cuts, and that can cause bleeding, injuring your skin, and causing damage. Shaving on dry skin can further dry up the skin, irritating. The skin may become flaky, and the best option to protect your skin would be to apply a moisturizer immediately after shaving.

Does shaving make your hair thicker?

After shaving your hair, you will notice that your natural soft hair is lost and in place; you will feel coarse and blunt hair. The hair becomes hard and thick, but it is not the same for facial hair.

After shaving, facial hair becomes thick, but as it grows, the natural softness comes back, and you can again shave the facial hair.

How to shave?

  • Clean your face with a mild face wash.
  • Make sure you shave on naked skin.
  • If you feel any irritation, apply some moisturizer or lotion immediately.
  • Use a razor that is for women.
  • Don’t use a dull old razor.
  • Hold the razor at 45 degrees and shave.
  • After each shave, clean the razor with water.
  • Avoid any contact with your eyes.
  • After you finish shaving, wash off your face immediately to avoid any irritation on your skin.


Shaving your face isn’t a big deal, and it is your choice as to how you want to feel. Shaving according to your convenience can cause your skin more harm and damage, so always consult an expert before putting your hands into such things.

If you are not comfortable with shaving, you can always try alternative methods like laser treatment, waxing, threading. These methods are always the best option and are more convenient.