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Does Baby Oil Help Your Eyelashes Grow? [ Answered ]

Who does not like thick and long eyelashes? But let’s face it, not everyone has it. The good news is, you can also grow your eyelashes like you can grow your hair. The only trick to getting what you want is knowing what suits you more. 

Did the thought ever cross your mind that baby oil can help your eyelashes grow? If it did not, I am happy to tell you that baby oil indeed helps to grow your eyelashes. The University of Nottingham backs this information as it claims that the ingredients in the baby oil are the reason behind the product’s effectiveness in growing the lashes.

Does Baby Oil Help Your Eyelashes Grow?

After the baby’s birth, many parents tend to get worried about the loss and growth of their child’s eyelashes. As the baby grows, they start losing out on their hair, becoming thinner with time. 

Usually, oil is applied by putting some on palms and applying the oil to the baby’s eyelashes, but there are other options for applying the oil. 

You can apply the oil any way you want, but you must note that the oil should be there in the eyelashes for a longer period. You can also buy a specially designed pen applicator while buying the oil. 

Is Baby Oil Good For Eyelashes?

Oil helps in nourishment, and applying oil on eyelashes nourishes, makes them healthy, and prevents hair from falling. But do keep one thing in mind! Too much oil application can cause the eyelashes to damage and break, so apply with caution. Regular massaging and trimming also help in the healthy growth of the eyelashes. 

Should You Use Johnson Baby Oil For Your Eyelashes?

Johnson & Johnson, the oil manufacturer, has stated that the oil is dermatologically tested and is not allergic to skin. It is made for sensitive and mild skin and will not cause any irritation to your skin. 

It is a chemical-free product and does not contain harmful chemicals like dyes, parabens, scents, and phthalates. So, if it is safe for baby skin, it is safe for your hair. 

Advantages of Baby Oil For Your Eyelashes

Moisturizing Your Hair

As claimed by the manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, the baby oil has a lot of moisturizing properties and makes the skin soft and supple.

The barrier on the baby’s skin soaks in all the oil, preventing moisture loss on the skin. In the same way, if you are applying oil on your hair, the moisture locks in all cuticles, and you can easily dry or style your hair and even protect it from wind or sun. 

Soothing Dry Scalp

A dry scalp is flaky, resulting in dandruff which mainly damages hair roots and makes the growth of the hair very slow, and the quality of your hair becomes thin. Only a healthy scalp nourished by oil can give you smoother, stronger, silky, and healthy-looking hair. 

Oils usually stay on the skin more than a moisturizer, and for best results, you should try applying baby oil to your hair before shampooing.

Treatment For Scalp Problems

Cradle Cap is the most common scalp problem found in small babies. To get rid of this problem, you need to regularly apply oil to the baby’s scalp.

Similar to this, scalp irritation is dandruff. Like baby oil is applied to remove dry, scaly skin from the scalp, so is the remedy for removing dandruff in children and adults.

Strong Hair

Every strand of your hair has pores in it, and after you shampoo it, wet hair absorbs water leaving your hair to swell and damage your hair.

Likewise, if you pull, stretch or dye your hair, the strands become weak and fall apart. 

Baby oil is like a treatment for your hair, and you should apply it every time before shampooing your hair. Applying oil makes the hair absorb less water, making them damage-free.

Smooth Hair

Using baby oil on washed hair makes the hair smoother. The cuticle of every strand of your hair is closed by oil. So when you use a blow dryer or any other heat or styling tools, your hair is already safe from damage. 

Can we use baby oil after bathing? Yes, you can apply oil to your hair post-shower as it makes your hair frizz-free, smoother and shinier. 

Protecting Hair

Many of us tend to make common mistakes. We do not apply oil on our hair before using a hot tub or swimming in the pool. But applying baby oil protects your hair from chlorine, a harmful chemical present in water which is one of the main reasons for hair damage.

Styling Your Hair

Baby oil does not leave a crust on your hair or make it hard, unlike hairspray or hair gel. You can always try out baby oil for styling hair in the best way and hold the strands in place. 

Removes Lice

Lice is a problem found in both children and adults. But there is a cure. If you apply baby oil to your scalp from the roots to the tips of your hair and wash it with a mild shampoo after eight hours, it helps get rid of lice. 

Baby oil is very effective and helps in even getting rid of lice eggs. Mix the baby oil with a chemical for moving lice and see the effect! 

Overnight Hair Treatment

You can apply hot baby oil as a hair mask for damaged and dry hair. Leaving this oil overnight provides the best results. 

  • The ideal method of oiling your hair is you start from the hairline and move to the back of your neck. The first step is to take a glass bowl, pour 2-4 drops of baby oil and warm the baby oil in a microwave for 10-15 minutes. Then, with the help of your fingers, massage the oil into your scalp.
  • Apply more oil to the areas where the hair is damaged, and slowly apply the baby oil to the remaining parts of your hair. 
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for some time or overnight. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and remove baby oil very nicely. Once done, the last step is to condition and style your hair. 

Disadvantages Of Baby Oil For Your Eyelashes

While baby oil has many benefits, it also has some disadvantages. 


Unlike other oils, baby oil tends to block the skin pores. The hair tends to become greasy if the oil is applied more quickly. If the oil spills on your forehead, it may also cause acne and, at times, also irritate the scalp. 

For removing baby oil, try to use warm water and a mild shampoo. If you have naturally oily hair, wash your hair twice. 


If your skin is sensitive, you may try going for a skin allergy test to avoid any irritation. 

If you see itching, redness, or skin irritation, you are allergic to the oil. You could also try an alternative! Applying baby oil to the inside of your elbow and leaving it for 24 hours can help you see if you are allergic to the oil or not. 

Wash your hands before touching your eyes or face because oil can irritate your eyes, and try avoiding usage on eyelashes or eyebrows. 


I hope this article helped you in clearing all your doubts. You can apply baby oil on eyelashes, but you need to be very careful so that the oil does not enter your eyes which may irritate them. 

Often, baby oil also does not help in the growth of eyelashes, but it does work for some.