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How Long Does It Take To Get Your Nails Done?

Getting your nails done is one of the most calming experiences of a woman’s life. Sitting in that salon chair, getting yourself pampered, is the time almost every woman looks forward to every month.

But as they say, “Time is money.” In this fast-paced life, we can’t afford to waste our time. We need to make every second count. So, even though we look forward to spending some time in the salon pampering ourselves, we need to know how much time we will spend while we are there.

Getting a little heads up is always good as you can set that much time from your busy schedule. Here is all the information you are going to need on this topic.

How long does it take to get your nails done?

Depending on various factors, getting your nails done takes somewhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Types of methods the technician will use and the products in the process, and so on.

Hence, there is no correct answer to this question. But you can still get a satisfactory answer to this question if you consider the factors on which the whole process depends.

Factors that can impact the time to get your nails done

The time to get your nails done depends on various factors. Some of them are:

1. How much experience the technician has

The experience and speed at which the technician works is a really important factor to take into account. If the technician is a new one, they can do things a little slow. They also know fewer things than someone who has experience. Hence, communication with them also gets a little tricky. It can take a longer time to get your nails done.

On the other hand, if your technician has enough experience, they can do their work quickly if you have communicated your requirements clearly and properly. They also know how to do their work with precision. So, with an experienced technician, you can save some time.

2. Type of manicure you are getting done:

There are various types of manicures that you can get done at a salon. Some very popular manicures include Basic Manicure, French manicure, American manicure, Paraffin manicure, reverse French manicure, etc.

The time you will be spending in the nail salon depends on which type of manicure you will be getting done.

The basic manicure takes up to 30 minutes, while an American manicure takes up to 45 minutes to an hour, the paraffin manicure usually takes 50 minutes.

In short, as you vary the manicure you are getting, you vary the time you will spend at the nail salon.

3. The length of nails you want

The shape and length of your nails matter a lot when you are getting your nails done. If your nails are longer, it takes more time to get them done. At the same time, if the length of your nails is short, it takes less time to get them done.

If you want to get nails extensions, it’s going to add some more time that you will spend in that salon chair.

4. The shape of nails you want

There are various shapes in which you can get done. Some of them are

  • Square shape
  • Round shape
  • Rounded square shape.
  • Oval shape

The time required to get your nails done varies as the shape of your nails varies.

5. The artwork you want to get done

When you apply simple nail polish to your nails, it does not take much time. Your technician will apply a base coat, two color coats, and one more topcoat to make sure your nails look good.

But if you are interested in getting artwork done on your nails, it demands more time. Nail art is an art that requires attention to detail.

If you want simple artwork, it will take less amount of time. If you want a complex design of artwork on your nails, you have to spend more time.

6. Type of nails

One of the factors that impact the time you will spend in the salon is the type of your nails. Whether you have natural nails, acrylic nails, or sculptured nails is also important.

Acrylic nails are types of synthetic nails that are attached to the original nails. Sculptured nails are also a type of synthetic nail. They differ in one primary thing. In acrylic nails, the tip of synthetic nails is not much longer. Sculptured nails have a long synthetic tip.

The longer tip takes more time to get the nails done.

7. Your budget

Yes! Your budget also impacts the time you are going to get your nails done. When you consider which type of nails you want, your budget is going to come into the picture. Your budget is also going to decide which type of service you are going to get.

If you want some service but it’s a lot expensive, and you can’t afford it, you can’t go for it. The more budget you have, the more thing you can get done at the salon. At the same time, if you have a strict budget, you can’t go for many services.

So, whether you are tight on budget or whether you have decent cash on your hands, it’s going to decide how much time you are going to spend at the salon getting your nails done.

Tips to get your nails done faster

If you want to get your nails done faster, you can take some things into account. You can do some things yourself that reduce the time you have spent in the salon chair. This way, you can enjoy the process wholeheartedly and still save some precious time.

Here are some tips to get your nails done faster.

1. Know what color you want

Knowing what color nails you want before you go to the salon can save your time. According to a senior mentor at YoungNailsInc, Melissa DeLaCruz, “if a client doesn’t know what color of nails they want, they can spend nearly 30-35 minutes just choosing the color. If the client already knows this, it saves them time and makes the process easier.”

So, go through the color palette before going to the salon and choosing the color you want.

2. Know what type of artwork you want on your nails

If you want to get any artwork done on your nails, choose the design you want. Have some pictures of the design you want and show them to your technician. This way they can get a clear idea about what you need and thus, save your time.

3. Having a clear idea about what shape, style, and size of nails you want

Before going to the nail salon, choose if you want to get the acrylic nails, sculptured nails, or get your original nails done. Choose if you want to have a rounded shape, square shape, or any other shape of nails.

4. Decide which type of manicure you want to get done

The time needed to get your nails done primarily depends on which type of manicure you want. Different types of manicures need different preparation.

If you want a basic manicure, it does not require any specific preparation. But if you want to get a paraffin manicure, you need to have paraffin wax.

Hence, you should decide on what type of manicure you want before you get to the salon. This way, your technician can do preparation accordingly.

5. Communicate your needs properly.

Communication is the key with every artist, whether your hairstylist, makeup artist, or nail technician.

Communicating what you want is very necessary to make the process smooth and easier. Having some pictures and showing them to your technician helps a lot. So, have a clear idea of what you want: type of manicure, size, shape, length of nails, the artwork you want to get done, etc.

If you have a clear idea of what you want and communicate them with your technician properly, you can save a lot of time.

Melissa DeLaCruz also says, ” Sometimes, clients know what they want, but they are not able to communicate it properly. As a result, the technician ends up doing something that the client does not like. It creates a mess and wastes a lot of time, both on the technician’s side and the client’s side.

To avoid this, make sure you have some photos of what you want. Photos communicate your needs more clearly than your words can. Remember that communication is the key with your technician.”


To sum it up, you can need anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours to get your nails done, depending on the various factors listed above. You can try to reduce this time by preparing everything that you can beforehand.

If you want to find the answer, the best way to do that is by calling your salon. You can give them the exact details of the services you want. Taking that into account, they can tell you the rough time that you’ll need to spend at the salon to get it all done.