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How Much Do Ombre Nails Cost? [ Here’s An Overview ]

Nail salons are spreading across cities like wildfire. If we look back a few years, going to a nail salon and getting nails done was alien to most of us. But in recent years, the popularity of getting acrylic nails has reached new heights. One out of every three women is fascinated by it.

We know that a nail salon service can be pricey. There are tonnes of designs and color schemes that one can try out. Ombre is one of them, where two or more colors blend perfectly, forming a gradient texture.

So, if you are wondering, “how much do ombre nails cost?” this article will help you understand just that.

How much do ombre nails cost?

Like most beauty services, getting your nails done from a salon can be quite expensive. The latest trend in the beauty and fashion industry is flaunting ombre nails. Celebrities are taking it one step ahead from their regular manicures and getting this gradient design on nails for a chic look.

Unlike the usual gel nails, ombre nails require more skill, time, and patience to get that perfect gradient effect. It will not be pleasant if the colors do not blend effortlessly and there are visible harsh lines.

The cost depends on the kind of salon you are getting it from, the quality of the products they use, and the technician willing to do your nails.

Different salons and independent nail technicians can charge different prices for the same design. However, I have tried to quote the average price one must pay to get those beautiful gradient nails.

If you go to a standard nail salon, they will charge you somewhere between $35 to $40 for a decent set of ombre nails. But if you want something vibrant, it will range from $50 to $80.

Colors like pink, beige and white will also cost in the same range as it is a tad bit more difficult to blend light colors. For high-end and exclusive designs, the cost goes up to $100.

Choosing a nail salon that will do it at a cheaper rate will always seem better, but you wouldn’t want to risk your nail health for a few dollars.

Read the salon reviews and inquire about the products used carefully before getting the service. It will ensure that your nails are in safe hands, and you will expose them to much lesser damage.

How do you get ombre nails?

Ombre nails require blending in and fading two or more colors together and forming a gradient effect on the nails. You can choose from various colors and get the type of ombre you prefer.

It can either be a bright show of colors like yellow, peach, orange, and hues of red coming together and giving an impression of a beautiful sunset; or darker shades of blues displaying the hues of an ocean.

One can say that ombre is nothing but playing around with a similar group of colors. Getting the perfect ombre takes patience, time, and skill. You cannot speed up the process as it will affect the final result.

The factors that can determine the price of ombre nails are

  • Ombre nails take a lot more time than any regular nail art. So, timing is an important factor in determining the price of ombre nails. One needs to be patient throughout the process to get a flawless gradient look.
  • You need to hire an experienced nail artist to get the perfect ombre nails. A skilled technician will charge way higher than a beginner artist.
  • It is important to consider that the nail salon you are choosing also plays a crucial role in determining the price point. A basic salon will charge an affordable rate, while a standard salon charges mid-range. But if you want a luxe nail salon, it will cost a whopping amount to get a basic design.
  • The quality of the product that goes into getting ombre nails is also something that needs consideration. It is no secret that quality often comes at a price. So, often you will notice that one salon charges less than the other. The difference will be visible in the color payoff and the finishing of the design.

Can you do ombre nails at home?

Not everyone can afford to get their nails done from a salon, and it is perfectly okay. The good news is, you can do them sitting in the comfort of your home too. The process takes time, but it is worth every bit of the effort that goes into it.

The easiest way to get ombre nails right is to club similar hues of colors together.

Once you get the hack of it, the rest will fall into place. It does not necessarily have to be the conventional colors that you know go together, but anything that works for you will be perfect.

How much time does it take to get ombre nails?

It usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour to get ombre nails. Some salons can take more than that, while some take way less. A skilled technician will do it faster than an inexperienced one.

How Long Do Ombre Nails Last For?

The longevity of ombre nails is different for different people. No two individuals can have the same lasting power in retaining their fake nails.

It depends largely on the work of the technician and the strength of your natural nails to hold the fake one. If you do your nails frequently or wash your hands often, your ombre nails will likely last less.

The general timeline of how long ombre nails last is around 2-3 weeks. Nail technicians suggest coming to the salon to get a refill around the same time as gaps start developing.

It is important to remember that you should allow your nails to breathe every two or three months. Apply generous coats of cuticle oil to regain your nail health and strength.


Who doesn’t like getting their nails looking all pretty and nice? If it’s an ombre, it is even better.

The blend of two different colors makes your nails look super posh and chic. While you can always opt for the design you like, the ombre is a cult favorite.

I am not suggesting that you cannot get ombre nails in salons for a reasonable rate. The cost, however, depends on the salon you get it done from and the quality of the products used.

Often, the location of the salon or the offers running can also affect the price you pay. I’ll always advise choosing quality over a cheaper price point.