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How To Become A Makeup Artist At Sephora? [Step By Step Guide]

If you are someone who loves make-up, Sephora is your paradise. You enter the store, and you will have so many products to explore and devour. You will be left wondering what to give a shot and what to miss. It is exactly where the make-up artists and the customer assistants come to our rescue.

Whether you are doubtful of your foundation shade or need a skincare product, the make-up artists at Sephora are always ready to help. Sometimes, you cannot help but be in awe of the precision and the ingredient knowledge they have.

So what does it take to become a make-up artist and work at Sephora? If this question has ever crossed your mind, this article will tell you all about it.

How To Become A Make-up Artist To Work At Sephora?

To become a make-up artist at Sephora, you need to know make-up very well. You need to apply for the job to be chosen as an employee. You even can apply online in many locations, including the local Sephora. You can either be an exterior or an interior beautician.

At any Sephora store, you will get two positions for a make-up artist at each departmental store; in the beauty department, it is the beauty advisor position. In the make-up area, it is the make-up artist position.

Both these positions are quite the same; therefore, the store hires one position to manage both the positions. Even if you may have worked in a department and have gained experience, it generally does mean that you may have the same amount of experience for the other store.

Do You Have To Be A Make-up Artist To Work At Sephora?

Sephora takes those make-up artists who are licensed. There is a minimum education qualification and the minimum age to work that one needs to meet. You can work at 16 years, but 17 years is preferred. After completing the training period, the candidate needs to pass a certain test. It would help if you cleared various exams, and the applicants need to complete a few certification courses and training to get a job.

A compulsory licensing exam is mandatory for all Jew employees at Sephora. Based on the company’s standards, you need to pass a thorough test. To help you work with the client, you need to know the basics of skin conditions and make-up. Even if you are not a licensed make-up artist, Sephora still gives you the option of working as a consultant. You need to have a lot of knowledge of skin tones and skincare.

You can avail a few courses for becoming a licensed make-up artist. The make-up certification process is a test more than a full training program.

The best knowledge of skin conditions and skin types will be required here, along with a certificate of insurance.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Make-up Artist At Sephora?

Sephora is one of the well-known companies which earns a high revenue. Every year they earn more than four billion dollars and employ more than fourteen thousand people.

It is not an easy job. But you are paid well, which is worth it. The two departments that ultimately make Sephora are the health and wellness department and the cosmetic department.

Make-up artists apply make-up professionally, where the real test begins. Sephora employees describe themselves by using different terms, their job title, where they work, and the make-up they wear.

The employees who work in the cosmetics aisles are also known as make-up artists, usually simple make-up artists who know make-up basics. The stock persons are usually those employees who work on the sales floor. Their job is the same as any employee-related to stocking.

Does Sephora Provide Training For Its Workers?

Many famous companies hire employees after being trained by Sephora. The employees work in the make-up department of Sephora, after which many other companies hire them.

From eyeshadow to the foundation, from out-of-the-way coverage to any lipstick, Sephora artists are a master in all. They are the best-trained artists for professional looks.

For various skincare products and special treatment for aging spots and acne, the make-up artists of Sephora get their training in all. There are many licensed cosmetologists, which means that the artists will be able to do your nails, hair, and skincare.

Being trained only for working in a beauty shop or a trained beautician does not make you a make-up artist. Many people pursue this as their career as this job has a work-from-home option where they can work at flexible hours or open their salon depending on the distance from their home.

How Old Do You Have To Be A Make-up Artist At Sephora?

What should be your age to be a make-up artist? It is the question that arises in many. Anyone who knows make-up can become a make-up artist at a store. You aren’t required to be a graduate holder in make-up, nor do you need to have your make-up kit.

You need to have good knowledge about make-up, a quest for learning, and a desire to be an expert in the field of professional make-up. At the beginning of your days at Sephora, you can always become an excellent eyelash artist as the pay scale for other make-up courses is not high.

You need to have good make-up artistry skills before entering any make-up profession. Many employees have make-up styles and are good teachers to other employees and recruits.

You need to follow instructions carefully. If you are confused or not clear about anything, you can always ask and clear that out before making any mistake. At Sephora, things do not work according to the way you think. At times you are just thinking, but the actual thing turns out to be the opposite.


Working Hours : Monday to Friday : 10:00am-10:00pm; Sat : 9:00am-10pm; Sun : 10:00am-8:00pm.

Age for Working at Sephora: Usually, working is 18 years, but you are always allowed to work as a make-up artist from 16-17 years.


Landing a job at Sephora may be tedious, but it is definitely worth the effort. Not only do you learn so much about make-up, but you also receive samples.