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Lipstick With Grey Dress: Which Color Is The Best? [ Our Answer ]

Grey is a neutral color like black and white. Since it’s a neutral color, vibrant, glossy, and dark colors are the most obvious choices to go with it. But at the same time, there are many colors that you can play with when it comes to your grey dress.

If you choose the right lipstick color, it makes you look lovely. The choice of your lipstick makes a fashion statement. You also have to make sure that your lipstick does not make your dress look dull but makes it stand out.

Hence, choosing the right lipstick is essential to complement your dress. Also, remember that you don’t have many options to experiment with the look for the color grey. So, it takes effort to make sure that you wear the right lipstick so that your grey dress can shine.

What lipstick goes with a grey dress

Here we have shortlisted some shades of lipstick that you can try out. Make sure that the lipstick you choose complements your complexion and skin tone.

1. Burgundy lipstick

Burgundy is a darker shade of red. It looks aggressive with your grey dress and accentuates your look perfectly. If you want to go for a bold yet elegant look, burgundy is your ideal choice of lipstick color. It flaunts the curves of your lips effectively.

Also, You want to go for simple makeup when you apply burgundy lipstick. Since this is a dark shade, the dark makeup won’t look good on you. So make sure that you go for neutral makeup when you use this lipstick.

You can don this color with your grey dress when you go to a night party or on a date. Pair up your makeup and dress with grey or silver heels.

2. Dark brown lipstick

Dark brown is another color that complements your grey outfit very well. You would look stunning in the combination of a grey dress and dark brown lipstick. You can go for this lipstick when you want people to focus on your lipstick with minimal makeup. At the same time, it also looks great when you want to go with heavy makeup.

This color looks classy and noble when paired up with a grey dress. It also helps you spice up your look. Go all glossy and shimmery with this look. If you are going to a special occasion like a wedding, a date, or a family function, you don’t want to miss out on this look.

You can go for a brown eye shadow and brown blush to complete your makeup. Do not overdo your makeup, as you would not want to shift people’s attention from your lips.

3. Nude lipstick

The nude shade of lipstick goes with almost every color. Go for this shade when you don’t want to wear heavy makeup. You can also use this shade when you want to draw attention to anything other than your lips.

Nude lipstick is the best choice when you want to go for a “no-makeup look.” Moreover, you can opt for a nude lipstick to do heavy eye makeup like smokey eyes. If you go for a darker shade, your eye makeup and lipstick will clash instead of complementing each other.

Nude is a perfect lipstick to wear when you go for a casual outing with your friends. It is also an ideal option of lipstick to wear when you go to the office, where you want to keep your makeup to a bare minimum.

4. Mauve Lipstick

Mauve is a combination of blue and purple. It is a super attractive color that can accentuate your look and make you look breathtakingly beautiful. Mauve lipstick puts your grey dress in the limelight and keeps all the attention on your clothing.

The combination of mauve lipstick and a grey dress makes a perfect red carpet look. If your grey dress has a silver shade, this lipstick is the best choice for you. You can go for glossy lipstick, but we suggest a matte finish.

Nothing beats your mauve lipstick in a matte finish with the grey dress. This look is classy and sexy to do this combination for parties. Moreover, this combination is also so elegant that you can do it for your everyday look.

5. Peach lipstick

Peach is a color that complements every skin tone, hair color, and occasion. This lipstick shade goes with almost every color dress. Then how come it would be an exception for grey?

Peach lipstick is something every girl should own because it can come in handy at any time. You can don this lipstick when you are a party animal or on official work.

Peach lipstick gives you a calm and elegant look. You can play with your eye shadow pallet when you apply peach lipstick. You can go for a silver glossy eye shadow or simple neutral color eye shadow. The same goes with your blush. Ensure to use the same shade for your blush as you are using for your eye shadow.

6. Hot pink lipstick

Hot pink lipstick is precisely how its name suggests: hot and sexy. You cannot look dull when you wear hot pink lipstick. If you want to go for a lively, cheerful, and playful look when you wear your grey dress, hot pink is your ideal choice of lipstick.

You have two options while donning this lipstick; going all glossy or matte. My personal favorite would be a matte finish. It looks classy and sexy and makes you look bold and elegant at the same time.

Go subtle on eye makeup. You can use light shades of pink for eyeshadow, or you can go for an eye shadow that has a hint of orange or brown in it. Never go for a blue undertone with the combination of a grey dress and hot pink lipstick.

You can wear this lipstick when going on a date with your partner, and trust me; they will love your look.

7. Magenta lipstick

Magenta is a dark pink color, a combination of equal parts of blue and red. Magenta color lipstick makes the wearer look charismatic. You cannot look away from the charm this lipstick adds to anyone’s personality when applying it.

Grey dress and magenta lipstick are a combination that looks so beautiful that you will surely turn some heads. If you are going to a party and want to be a center of attraction, this combination will work great for you. It makes a long-lasting impression on people that are going to see you.

Don’t shy away from making a fiery statement by donning this lipstick with your grey dress. Own that party like a boss, go for that first date with total confidence wearing this combination.

Play with the eye shadow and blush pallet. Try out some combinations and see what works for you. Don’t go for a glittery or shimmery look when applying this lipstick. It looks great with a matte finish.

8. Rose Gold lipstick

Rose gold is another vibrant, bold color that looks extremely beautiful with a grey dress. If your grey dress has a shimmering effect of silver, this is the lipstick you want to choose.

You can go all glossy and sparkling with this lipstick. The combination of grey dress and shiny rose gold lipstick is your go-to option if you are going for a party or a date night dinner.

This combination gives you a bold bossy lady vibe. Don’t hesitate to go for glittery eyes too. I know you might be wondering if glittery eye makeup can look over the top with gold rose lipstick. But trust me, it does not. It looks sexy and out of the world.

Play with your eye shadow and blush pallet if you don’t want to go for an overall shimmering effect. Grey and ivory shades look great with this lipstick. But if you’re going to experiment a little with your look, go for it.

Our favorite color lipstick to wear with grey

Dark brown is our favorite lipstick to wear with a grey dress. It leaves you many options for experimentation. You can do some trial and errors to choose the perfect makeup look for you.

It looks beautiful with all shades of grey. You can go all glossy and matte with this lipstick. It depends on what fashion statement you want to make. Dark brown lipstick can never go out of style when paired with your grey dress.

It is one of those lipsticks that suits all skin tones. It doesn’t matter whether you have a fair skin tone, a dark skin tone, or a wheatish skin tone. It also goes well with all the hair colors.


Your grey dress offers you a variety of colors to try when it comes to lipstick. Your lipstick choice depends on your mood, skin tone, and occasion.

Choosing the perfect look that suits you the best according to your needs can also take trial and error.

If you want to go for a vibrant, glossy, and bold look, go for mauve, rose gold, hot pink, or dark brown lipstick shades. When you go for any of these colors, ensure that your overall makeup is not over the top. It can clash with your lipstick and nullify all its effects if it is.

If you want to highlight your facial features, go for light color lipsticks like nude and peach. You can wear heavy eye makeup when applying these lipsticks if you go to a party. If you are going to the office, these lipsticks will help you keep your makeup look at a bare minimum.

If you want all of the attraction on your lips, then burgundy and magenta are the colors you should choose from here. Both these colors look beautiful and make you look more lively.

Choosing lipstick is all about personal choice. Try out some combinations, play with your looks, and decide which look you want.