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Nail Color For Fat Fingers : Our Best Pick & Recommendations

We cannot change the shape of our fingers as it is solely dependent on genetics. But like most physical traits that we can tweak and make do better, we can make our fat fingers look sleek and pretty.

Choosing the right nail color and shape for your fat fingers is important to ensure that they don’t look fat. Some colors help create an illusion of an elongated finger that makes them look slender. So if you are wondering which nail color is suitable for fat fingers, this article is for you.

Nail color for fat fingers

We all love a good manicure, but how it turns out to look on our fingers depends on the color we choose. Not all colors look good on our fingers, and that’s okay.

So when you decide on the nail paint, keep your intention in mind. Choose the colors that will not highlight the thickness of your fingers but will make them look longer.

Choosing a nail paint nearer to your complexion is the best way to create an illusion of a long finger, as nails appear to be an extension of the fingers. Let us now explore the other color options too.

Here is a list of some of the colors that suit fat fingers –


Nudes are your best friend for all occasions. Be it for a formal event, a day out, or a brunch with friends, you can wear a nude shade everywhere.

It is a very flexible choice and is a no-brainer. So if you want to make your fingers look longer, pick up nail paints that are at par with your skin tone.

The more it is of the skin tone of your finger, the better match it is. A perfect nude will help create an illusion that the fingers are long. It appears as if there are no small lines, and the nail paint camouflages the nail bed on the fingers, making it look like one.


If you want to make your fat fingers look slim and toned down, choose natural colors. By natural color, I mean, consider wearing a clear polish.

But as a clear polish has no tint of color added to it, make sure to take proper nail care before applying the nail paint. No amount of shine, dust, or previous color should be visible on the nail bed. The best way to achieve a long finger impression is by shaping your nails in the round and then applying a clear polish over it.

Sheer pink

Sheer pinks have the power to make any outfit go from basic to extraordinary in no time. Choose sheer pink nail paint when you do not want to go for a clear look.

Play with the coats to decide the opacity of the color you want. For a lighter coat of color, stick to a single layer on it. But if you want a good color payoff, go in with the second coat. This color looks amazing on fair skin tone.


The color beige is perfect for an everyday look. If you are someone who has a fair to medium complexion, you can paint your nails beige without a second thought.

They make your fingers look beautiful and put together. You can either go with the beige for the darker skin tones or add a brown hue to it. The brown hue will help create a shade that is a better match for your skin tone.

Powder Blue

The color blue has a wide range of shades. Powder blue is the most soothing to look at out of them all. This nail paint color is ideal if you do not want to go for the nudes and naturals. It is neither too much on the face nor too less. What’s better? You can wear it to formal events as well.

French Manicure

The only way you can make your fat fingers look slim is by creating an optical illusion. A French manicure is a popular form of nail art that makes your hand look dainty and feminine.

The small white lines of the manicure and the clear nail polish are stunning. However, it is advisable to choose a moderate width for the white section of the nail. Anything too thin or too broad will make it look fake and unreal.

Nail art

Shapes and patterns play an important part in determining how a finger may look. Stripes are your best pick. You can either leave gaps between the stripes or paint them at small intervals from each other. Start from the tip and go down to the nail bed to get a uniform look.

Nail extensions

A lot of us want to grow our nails, but we cannot do so. Sometimes it is our poor nail health, while other times, it can be that the profession we are in does not allow long nails. A quick temporary fix is to get a nail extension done. Longer nails make your fingers look less thick and give an illusion of a sleek finger.

While nail colors help make your fingers look thin, they are not the only way you can achieve it. The shape and the nail art that you choose also make a difference in the appearance of the fingers.

Here are a few tips on how to make fat fingers look skinny –

  • Buff and shape your nails in a square shape. Square-shaped nails are extremely put together and feminine.
  • Try to stick to a lighter or neutral color palette—nudes tone down the attention your fat fingers can grab.
  • Use nail art in the form of small lines, and also try color blocking.
  • Another option is to go for nail extensions. Choose from various shapes and sizes, and you are good to go.
  • Use cuticle oil to massage your nails. The vitamins in it help grow nails faster and stronger. If you do not want to opt for extensions, this is the best way to go about it.
  • Stretching your fingers is a good way of relaxing your hands. For a more permanent solution, you can opt for finger exercises. A consistent practice of these exercises can help achieve sleek fingers.


While there is nothing wrong with having thicker fingers, I understand that society’s beauty standards can make you want to alter them. This article provides you with all the necessary information to make your fingers look beautiful.