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Nail Color That Goes With Everything

We all know that modern-day women constantly have to balance work and family.

The fast-paced life of metropolitan cities and the sense of responsibility to create an identity makes it difficult to find time to meet their needs.

However, even if they are not fond of makeup or dressing up, most women tend to like well-painted nails. Part of the reason could be that it is super easy and time-saving, yet satisfying!

In this article, we will discuss the “nail color that goes with everything.” We intend to help you look prim and proper throughout the week without having to change your nail paint every other day.

Nail color that goes with everything

If you are a working woman or someone who has a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, we understand that you can’t match your nails with every outfit.

While gel polishes are getting popular day by day, let me warn you, they will burn a hole in your pocket. Another drawback is that you will have the same color for weeks.

The cheaper alternative will always be the good old nail paints that we have grown up seeing our mothers and grandmothers apply. It stays put for three to four days, and you can alter colors according to your mood.

It also keeps the option of matching your nails with your outfit open for you, just in case there is a sudden invitation to a party or a cocktail dinner.

Whether you choose to get yourself a gel polish manicure or decide to stick to the basic nail paint, we are here to make it easy for you.

Here is a list of 15 nail paints that go with every outfit; so that you can still look well-groomed even on the busiest of days.

1. Nude colors

If you are someone who believes in the concept of ‘less is more, or prefers going for a more natural look; nude colors’ can be your best friend. They are extremely wearable and look beautiful on all skin tones.

Their versatile nature makes them perfect to pair with any outfit.

You can choose from a range of brown, pink, coral, and beige nudes.

Choosing your perfect nude can be tricky, so here is our quick fix to help you choose better. Always consider your skin tone and match your nude nail paint to it.

2. White

White is a basic color, and it almost always goes with everything.

If you are running out of time and are lazy to put in the extra effort, wear white nail polish. You’d look stunning and effortlessly beautiful.

The best part? You can wear it throughout the year, especially in summers.

Being a neutral color, it’d also look good with bold and funky outfits. Whether you have long nails, short nails, or belong to the skin of color, white nail polish will suit you.

3. Black

Black is everyone’s favorite. With the approaching winter months, it is undeniably the color you can pair your outfits with without hassle.

This darkest neutral color can make you look from drag to fab in no time. You can choose from a variety of jet black, charcoal black, slate grey, midnight black, and so on.

4. Classic Red

You will never go wrong with classic red nail paint. Whether you plan to wear it with something formal or are getting ready for a date, red is a perfect choice for any outfit.

It is feminine and sexy at the same time and gives your nails a bright pop of color.

Choose a red with a cooler undertone if you have a fair skin tone.

But if you have wheatish or dark skin, choose a red with a warm undertone. Depending on the occasion, you can either opt for a matte red or a glossy red polish.

5. Light Pink Shades

If you are someone who prefers to keep their nail minimal but wants a hint of color added to them, light pink shades will do that for you.

Light pink nail polish ensures that your nails look put together—a lot of royal family members and celebrities like these shades of pink for events and public appearances.

It is feminine and chic and will not steal the thunder from your outfit.

6. Gray

Welcome to the shade, which often dictates our daily mundane life.

The color merely doesn’t revolve around us, as undoubtedly it receives quite a reputable position among the works of the poets and lyricists; it asserts a vibe of being “classic and regal.”

Although often excited and circulated among the Millenials, the color speaks a go-to volume for all and sundry not to forget its fluidity in any circumstance. Gray yet Chique.

Gray is a color blocker that compliments any outfit irrespective of its worth. Because of its diverse undertones, it’s a substitute for the absolute blacks or the light neutrals or the colorful pastels.

Gray is the right amount of dark and light with a colorful hue, satisfying the mind as it cleverly satisfies the presentation of the entire outfit.

A color of diplomacy and its diverse fluidity never fail to praise an original complexion.

It is a bold choice, yet a classical touch outstands the outfit, stealthily taking the credit for its performance—a complete gamechanger.

7. Navy Blue

As bold as it appears, the color is extremely quirky and fun if mixed with neon outfits. Navy blue speaks sophisticated on a cosmic level.

The matte satisfies the corporate air, but not to forget the gel texture, which is often wearable at splashy pool parties of summer. At the same time, the glittery texture is wearable at any punk concert.

The most amplifying thing about the shade of navy blue is that it never fails to make you realize about your makeover while keeping your inner sanity intact.

The shade is therapeutic enough to make your outfit extravagant yet presentable and basic. “Who wants to look simple when you look stunning?”

8. Beige

Beige is the ultimate shade that goes with every outfit. The absolute definition of natural. Beige walked in with the Kardashians and since then evolved with them and accepted by the whole world.

The shade emerged around 2016 but seems like forever.

Who doesn’t appreciate a beige nude? The color not only makes you look natural, but it also escapes from the limelight and lets the bearer take center stage

9. Brown

Brown is an oldie but a goldie. Emerged in the early 90’s it was most Millenials’ favorite shade during their youths till nude beige emerged. Although it lost its fame in between, it left a mark among the hearts of the Millenials.

We can also say that with the revert of the Y2K fashion trends in 2021, it has occupied quite a space on the shelves.

Not only does it snatches the limelight of the fair toned and take the podium, it equally compliments the skin of colors and shines through them.

10. Sage green

So lively and evergreen- The color goes well with almost every light-colored outfit, but it’s a bold choice with a dark-colored outfit. The summer color you can drag during the harsh winters is sage green.

The shade reminds me of the peppermint ice cream shown in the anime series, and just like the ice cream, it provides a cool refreshing vibe to the whole look. It speaks of the pastel shade with a warm sunny vibe with a cold heart.

Should you match your nail polish according to your outfit?

Well, this is a tricky question. Fashion, as I see it, is a personal thing, and there should never be a compulsion – to each its own.

However, nail paint does make a lot more difference than we think it does to the overall look of an outfit. Whether you choose to match it or not is completely on you.

There are a few ways in which you can ace your nails in any outfit-

  1. Match the nail paint with the outfit. Duh! While this may seem too much effort, matching your nails with the outfit you are wearing show that you have put enough thought to look presentable.
  2. Wear a contrasting color of nail paint that compliments your outfit. Not everyone knows about this, but it is a unique way of putting yourself out there as a fashionista! If you follow beauty influencers closely, you will notice many of them do this. This method helps to add a different pop of color to the look.
  3. When in confusion, your safest bet should always be nude colors. Nudes go with everything, so there is no way that it can backfire on you. Your nails will look elegant and beautiful.
  4. Look out for the accessory you are planning to wear and match your nails with it. It, too, is a less popular way of getting your nails in sync with your outfit. But it works wonders for any age group, especially if you are a teenager or in your 20’s. You can match your nails with your statement necklace or earring or even your bag or shoes. Just choose the one and play with the color.

Should your toenails and hand nails match?

Earlier, matching your toenails with your hand nails was pretty much what everyone did. But over the years, this trend has lost its importance, and fashion experts have termed it “boring” and not flattering to the eyes. So if you want to match your toenails with that of your hands, feel free to do so. There is no pressure to do things in a particular way. Do what makes you happy, girl! However, to each its own.


We hope that this article has helped clear your doubts, and you know now which nail paint to go for now. Whether you are a workaholic, a homemaker, or a lazy bum, this article is for everyone! So pretty please, paint those nails, flick those lashes and look amazing as ever.