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Nail Colors That Go With Black

It is no surprise that black is the most versatile color. On days when you feel lazy or not at your best, a black outfit can do wonders. You can never really go wrong with it as it is the easiest to pair. Be it with bags, hair accessories, shoes, or even nails. It does not matter if it is a formal event or a party with friends; black is your savior.

But the focus of this article is to help you choose the nail paint that goes best with your black outfit. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Nail Colors That Go With Black

In recent years, the nail industry has gained popularity like no other. Teenage girls and women have been gushing over the perfectly painted nails that these nail salons offer. While the procedures are a little too much on the pocket, it keeps your gel nail polish intact for a month.

You get a gel polish done, and you don’t even have to bother until next time. However, there are also cheaper alternatives, like the age-old one of painting nails back at home. They last for about a week, and you get to change the color according to your mood and outfit.

In all honesty, many women don’t put much effort into making their nails look good or matching them with their outfits. As much as we couldn’t care less, this problem is that your nails can make or break an outfit for you.

The best way to decide which color to pair with your black outfit is by considering the kind of event you are attending. If it is a formal event, stick to neutrals. While if it is a party, picnic, or festive get-together, you can choose from various pastels or vibrant colors.

Let us now look into the colors in detail and help you choose the one that suits your purpose best.

1. Clear Polish

You can never go wrong with a clear polish. Clear polish, as the name suggests, is transparent nail polish. It does not have any color or tint added to it. It is perfect for any formal event and is a no-brainer to wear.

2. Nudes and Whites

It is a common misconception that nudes and whites can make you look dull. On the contrary, they make you look classy and refined. Just like clear polish, nudes and whites go with everything. Gold, white, gray, and silver are neutral colors that go best with a black outfit. You can easily pair it with no-glam makeup. But if these colors seem too basic for you, you can go for soft pink or beige and look equally stunning.

3. Lavender or Lilac

Lilac is a beautiful color, and I find that the color is pretty underrated. It goes with almost every outfit, and not just black. If you want a more subtle look, go for a blended version of lilac with a tint of blush pink. Go for a deeper version of lilac if you want to stand out from the crowd and wear something other than the standard colors.

4. Glossy Black

On days when you want to match your nail polish with your outfit, glossy black nail paint will look amazing. It is perfect for parties and casual hangouts where you want your nails to be the center of attraction.

5. Red

It is a no-brainer that red nail polish is perfect to pair with a black outfit. Whether it is for a wedding or a party, or a visit to a cafe, red is a beauty. You will turn heads with your red nails, I promise! Now you can either go for a classic red polish that oozes elegance and femininity. Or, you can opt for a more cool-toned red if you are on the fairer side of the complexion. Cool-toned reds look brilliant with matte black dresses.

6. Fuschia Pink

Most women love pink. As we know, the pink color comes in various shades. While baby pink is a soft pink, Fuschia pink is a bright shade of pink that can add a pop of color to any look. It is perfect for parties or birthdays and can turn any boring outfit into a peppy and fun. Being an extremely feminine color, you can also wear it on a date night.

7. Neon Yellow

Are you someone who likes experimenting with colors? Whether for your outfit or your nails, you should give neon yellow a try if you prefer loud and bold colors! A neon yellow nail will make a statement and add the brightest hue in the room.

8. Orange

A bright orange color looks wonderful on any skin tone. If you are looking to add that fruity, tropical punch to your nails, think no further. An orange nail paint will do that in no time. What’s better? It looks flattering on darker skin tones, and with your outfit being black, you can only imagine how stunning you’d look.

9. Burgundy

With winters around the corner and the wedding season almost here, burgundy is a sultry color to wear. It is not only a perfect winter color but also looks beautiful with a black outfit. You can wear it for a date night or a birthday party, or a stroll down the street.

10. Blue

Would it not be fun if we could take over the Monday blues with blue nail paint? That sounds just about right. But too bad that life’s not that easy. To get over the Monday blues, we need to get to the weekend. However, we can paint our nails blue anytime! A royal blue color nail paint looks regal with a black outfit. At the same time, aqua blue adds freshness to your monotone outfit!

11. Peach

The color peach is an extremely feminine color and looks flattering on every skin tone. If you do not wish to grab much attention to your nails and want it not to be too basic, peach is the right fit.

12. Chocolate brown

Contrary to popular belief, a chocolate brown color painted nails is an excellent rare choice for your little black dress. You won’t often see people pairing it with a black outfit, but it looks stunning! Just the right amount of accessories, and you will look beautiful as ever.

What are the things that one should keep in mind before choosing nail paint?

Choosing nail paint might not seem like a big deal, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Like we said earlier, your nails can make or break your look. And I am sure none of us want to turn heads for the wrong reasons.

So, here are a few tips to help you choose your nail paint a little better.

  • Do consider your complexion before picking up nail paint. While I don’t quite believe in restricting yourself from doing what you want to wear, you may consider this little tip. If your complexion is fair, pastel colors will work best for you. For wheatish or darker skin tones, vibrant colors go better.
  • The second most important thing to consider is the occasion you will be attending. It is only justifiable if you wear a nude shade or a clear polish if it is a funeral. While for birthdays or other celebratory invitations, bright and dark colors would be more appropriate.
  • If you want to follow the trend, look out for the season in question. Summers call for lively, vibrant colors, while winters are more suitable for nuanced and muted dark colors.
  • If you want to put your outfit, nail, and makeup in sync, try to match your lipstick with your nail paint; or your eyeshadow with the same.


I hope the next party you attend, we have at least made it a little easier for you to decide what would look better on you. Paint your pretty nails and get going! It will not only save your time but make you look effortlessly gorgeous. So what are you waiting for now?