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What Color Lipstick Should I Wear With A Black Dress?

Whether it’s a house party, a get-together, an office party, or just an outing with a couple of friends, a black dress looks elegant, cute, classy, and sexy, all at the same time. That is why every girl owns at least one black dress which she can flaunt whenever she wants.

But wearing a dress is not enough if your makeup does not compliment your overall look, especially your lipstick. Choosing a lipstick that you can wear with your black dress is a tricky task. You don’t want it to be too much or too little. You want to look cute and sexy at the same time.

So, what color of lipstick should you wear with your black dress? It depends on what type of look you want and what occasion you are dressing up for here.

It’s a lot. Choosing the right lipstick to don with your black dress from the spectrum of choices can get very confusing, right? Don’t worry! I have got you covered. Here is a list of colors that can go with your black dress completely. It will help you so that you can get the perfect look that you want.

What color lipstick should I wear with a black dress?

There are several shades of lipsticks that look good with a black color dress. The choice of lipstick depends on various factors like,

  • Whether you want to make a fashion statement
  • Whether you want a classy, elegant look
  • Whether you want to look flirty and cheerful.
  • Whether you want to look bold and sexy

Depending on all of the above factors, some lipstick shades look beautiful with any black dress you wear. Choose the lipstick from the list below to suit your requirements.

1. Warm Red

Warm Red is a red color with a tint of orange in it. It is a warm red because it reminds you of warm things, like Sunshine, heat, etc. This color on your lips gives you a classy, bold look when you pair it up with a cute, elegant black dress and high heels( Don that Merilyn Monroe looks with pride).

Try this with winged eyeliner and a red blush to add some playfulness to your classy, bold look.

2. Cool Red

Cool Red is a red color with a blue undertone. It is a cool color because it makes you recollect all the cool things like ice, water, cool winds, etc. This color looks sexy when you wear it with a black dress.

To top it all, this is one of the shades of lipstick that suits all the complexions. Pair up your black dress with this cool Red lipstick and red stilettos, and you are ready to go.

3. Rose Pink

Rose pink is a shade of lipstick that goes with almost every color of the dress. This pastel color is your go-to option when in need of a casual, subtle look.

It looks sophisticated with every one of your dresses. It adds a different level of glam to your overall look.

It looks more refined when it is a combination with the cute short black dress and pink eyeshadow. It is a perfect look when you are going to the office or on an official business trip. It also looks great for a date or an outing with your friends.

4. Nude Shade

If you don’t want to do anything over the top, you can go for a nude shade of lipstick. If you are wearing a sexy black dress and have accessorized heavily, you can go with a nude shade of lipstick to tone it a little down. Both of these looks are very different from each other but, at the same time, very attractive.

The nude shade is mostly preferred when you are going for a smoky eyes look as it highlights your eyes and compliments the eyes’ makeup well. It makes you look gorgeous.

Every nude shade does not look good with your skin tone. So, when applying a nude shade, take your skin tone into account and choose a nude shade accordingly.

5. Brown

Brown is one of my favorite lipstick shades amongst all lipstick shades. If you want to look sexy while going to a club or want a casual look while going to dinner with friends, this color always comes to rescue you.

When you wear this shade with a black neck dress, a cute bracelet, and heels of your choice, you are going to look like the sexiest person in the room. At the same time, if you wear this shade with a maxi dress and white sneakers, you are ready with your casual look.

6. Wine shade

If you are going to a party and don’t want any pairs of eyes to look away from you, wear a high-slit bodycon black dress and pair it up with a wine shade lipstick and a pair of high heels. Keep your eye makeup to a bare minimum. It can make your lipstick stand out.

It’s flirty, bold, and classy all at the same time. This makeup look looks so classy and sexy that get ready for a handful of compliments that will come your way.

7. Orange

The tangy orange shade is said to be a “chic magnet” when it comes to your lipsticks. This lipstick shade is the best choice for teenagers to flaunt with their cute, short black dresses. This beautiful and tangy orange color shade compliments your look perfectly.

This shade of lipstick gives you feminine, classy, vibrant vibes. It makes you look more fresh and beautiful. It also makes you look playful.

Mix it up with white sneakers, loose hairs or a messy bun, a little intense, bold makeup, and you are ready to go.

8. Peach

If you don’t want to go with the bold and vibrant red, blue, pink, or plum, you should wear peach shade lipstick. It’s the best choice if you want to have a bare minimum makeup look.

You can use this lipstick shade if you want to just couple it with a cute blush and eyeshadow.

You can don this shade when going for a little outing with your friends or for a shopping spree to a nearby mall. You can also wear it when you are going on a date with your man, and you want to look casual.

9. Fuschia

Fuschia is a bright, vibrant, deep pink color. If you are bored with your everyday, casual look and want to try something bold and make a statement, this color is a must-try.

If you want a playful and fun look, this color is an excellent choice. It gives a playful and yet subtle vibe. When paired up with minimal eye makeup, this bright color sets all the attention to your dress and lips.

So, if you want to go for a bold, classy and sexy look, go with this shade of lipstick. Apply it when you are going to an office party or a friend’s bachelorette party.

10. Blue

Dark and deep lipsticks are going all trendy nowadays. Blue lipstick with a black dress is a pair that makes a bold fashion statement. From the red carpets of award shows to the fashion shows, this color of lipstick looks spectacular with your black dress.

When you are donning your blue lipstick, please don’t go for a strong makeup loon as it will take away all the attention from your lipstick. Keep the makeup casual and subtle, so your blue lips can enjoy all the attention they rightfully deserve.

Pair your outfit with footwear of the same color, a gold bracelet, and you are ready to flaunt it all.

Apply this shade when you are going to a party, mostly at night time.

11. Deep plum

Deep plum is commonly known as dark purple color. It looks bold, sexy, and attractive when you combine it with a black outfit. Deep plum lips give you a bold and mysterious vibe and, at the same time, make you stand out from the crowd. If you want to go all gothic, this is a shade you should opt for here.

This lipstick shade looks sensational on your lips and gives you a more diva-like appearance.

Pair it up with the same color of heels or black heels to look ravishing. Also, try to keep the rest of your makeup subtle and minimum so that your lips would grab attention.

You can wear this lipstick on Halloween to scare people away or when going to a nightclub.

12. Mauve

When you wear a classy, gorgeous black dress, mauve lipstick adds some spice to your already stunning look. When applying the mauve shade, keep in mind that you should not apply it more than once. Wear some lip gloss after applying the lipstick to give your lipstick a shimmery look.

Add some bold, strong eye makeup with your mauve lipstick and black dress. Keep in mind that mauve shade does not look good with all the skin complexions. So make sure you try it out to check if it goes well with your skin tone.

13. Black

Black is a rather unusual color for your lipstick, and most people do not prefer it or shy away from it. But if you wear it with sheer perfection, it will help you accentuate your look.

But when applying black lipstick, make sure not to do any over-the-top makeup unless you want to go for a gothic look. Keep your blush and eyeshadow to a bare minimum. Don’t overdo any of the makeup, and you are good to go.


Which lipstick looks good with a black dress?

All of the above lipstick shades look good with a black dress. If you want to go all playful and gothic, choose deep plum, Fuschia, or blue. If you want to go for a bold, sexy look, choose red, wine or orange. Choose rosy pink, nudes, or mauve if you want a subtle, minimum, no-makeup look.

Does red lipstick look good with black?

Yes! Red lipstick is the most preferred choice with a black dress. It looks classy, elegant, and sexy. There are various shades of red lipstick, but warm Red and cool Red are the two shades that look the most spectacular with the black dress. You can still experiment with different shades and find out which shade to opt for here.


Your makeup is as important as your dress when you want to don your black dress with utter perfection. One mistake can ruin your entire look. That’s why you need to choose your makeup wisely, especially your lipstick.

I hope with the above information; you’d be able to make an informed and correct decision about what shade of lipstick to wear with your black dress.

Choose makeup that complements your lipstick and attire. Ensure that you also follow the tips above to get a rocking look that everyone would envy.

Now, take out that black dress and wear it with the lipstick that you want to choose.