What Color Lipstick to Wear With Blue and Black Dress

Selecting the right lipstick color to complement a blue or black dress can make a significant impact on the overall appearance. The interaction between the dress and lipstick hues can create a harmonious or striking contrast, enhancing the wearer's style.

Whether opting for classic, bold, or subtle tones, understanding how different lipstick colors interact with blue and black attire is essential. By considering the undertones of the dress, the individual's skin tone, and the desired effect, one can craft a polished and cohesive look that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider your skin tone and undertone when selecting a nude shade for a blue dress.
  • Choose a red lipstick that complements the undertones of the blue dress for a sophisticated and alluring look.
  • Complement a blue dress with berry tones such as deep plum or rich red for a striking contrast and sophisticated overall look.
  • Add warmth and vibrancy to a blue dress with peachy hues and experiment with different shades to find the perfect match.

Nude Shades for Blue Dress

When selecting a nude shade to complement a blue dress, it is essential to consider your skin tone and undertone to achieve a harmonious and elegant look. Experiment with different lipstick colors to find the right nude shade that complements your blue dress.

Nude shades with pink undertones, mauve, dusty rose, or peachy tones can beautifully enhance the overall look, while avoiding shades that are too light for your skin tone.

Red Lipstick With Blue Dress

contrasting colors in fashion

Enhance the sophistication and allure of a blue dress by pairing it with a striking red lipstick that complements the undertones of the dress. When choosing a red lipstick, consider the undertone of the blue dress for a harmonious makeup look.

Classic red lipstick with a blue undertone is universally flattering, while deep burgundy or wine shades provide a modern twist and complement the richness of the blue dress. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal to let your lips take center stage.

Berry Tones for Blue Dress

blue dress with berry tones

Berry tones, such as deep plum or rich red, are an excellent choice for complementing a blue dress, adding sophistication and a striking contrast to the overall look. These shades create a bold yet elegant color combination, enhancing the coolness of the blue dress.

When choosing a berry tone lipstick, consider the intensity of the blue dress, opting for darker shades for deeper blues and lighter hues for softer blues, and experiment with different finishes for the perfect match.

Peachy Hues for Blue Dress

pastel pink and orange

Peachy hues offer a delightful complement to a blue dress, adding a touch of warmth and vibrancy to the overall ensemble. When choosing a lipstick shade, consider ones with pink undertones to achieve a soft and feminine look.

Peachy lipstick with blue undertones can add a vibrant pop of color, making it an excellent choice for a summer blue dress. Experiment with different peachy hues to find the perfect match for your outfit.

Coral Lipstick for Blue Dress

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When considering lipstick colors to complement a blue dress, the vibrant and versatile shade of coral stands out as a fresh and lively choice. Coral lipstick adds a vibrant and energetic contrast to the blue dress, creating a harmonious and playful look.

It is particularly popular during spring and summer, suitable for both casual and formal blue dresses. Experiment with different finishes like sheer or glossy to find the perfect coral shade for a blue undertone.

Fuchsia Accents for Blue Dress

colorful fuchsia accents elevate blue dress

Fuchsia lipstick provides a striking and vibrant accent to a blue dress, elevating the overall look with its bold and energetic hue.

When pairing fuchsia with a blue dress, opt for neutral eyeshadows to balance the bold lip color. The vibrant lipstick complements the cool tones of the blue dress, adding a fun and eye-catching contrast.

Consider the intensity of the fuchsia shade to complement your overall look and personal style.

Burgundy Shades for Blue Dress

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With their rich and sophisticated tones, burgundy shades of lipstick effortlessly enhance the allure of a blue dress, creating a captivating and elegant ensemble.

The right shade of burgundy creates a bold statement when paired with a blue dress, offering a striking contrast and adding depth to the overall look.

Consider the intensity and undertone of the blue dress to select the perfect burgundy tone, and opt for a matte finish for a modern and chic appearance.

Taupe Lipstick With Blue Dress

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Enhancing the understated elegance of a blue dress, taupe lipstick offers a versatile and sophisticated complement to the overall ensemble. Its cool nude shade accentuates the lips without overpowering, allowing the blue dress to stand out.

This versatile choice suits various makeup looks and occasions, adding understated glamour and elegance to bold blue dresses. Taupe lipstick enhances the softness and delicacy of the look, creating a timeless and chic appearance.

Beige Tones for Black Dress

neutral colors complement dark attire

In contrast to the understated elegance of taupe lipstick with a blue dress, beige tones offer a warm and versatile complement to a black dress. This enhances its sophistication and provides a subtle, yet refined, lip color option.

When wearing a royal or navy blue dress, picking a lipstick with blue undertones is crucial. This ensures that the lipstick harmonizes well with the dress and creates a cohesive look.

On the other hand, beige tones provide the perfect lipstick choice for a black dress. They add warmth and versatility to the overall look, making it suitable for a variety of occasions and settings.

Darker Shades for Black Dress

black dress with darker shades

For a black dress, opting for darker lipstick shades such as bold red, deep plum, or nude tones can elevate the sophistication of your overall look while adding a touch of glamour and depth to your makeup. These shades complement the blue undertones in black fabric.

To create a dramatic look, consider pairing dark lipstick with a smokey eye when wearing a black dress for an evening event or a formal occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear a Bold Orange Lipstick With a Blue Dress?

Yes, a bold orange lipstick can be paired with a blue dress for a striking contrast. Undertones of the orange lipstick should complement the blue dress. Consider experimenting with different shades of orange to find the perfect match.

Will a Deep Plum Lipstick Complement a Black Dress?

A deep plum lipstick can elegantly complement a black dress, adding a touch of sophistication and allure. When selecting a lipstick shade for a black dress, consider deep red, nude pink, bright coral, mauve brown, or berry purple for versatile and striking options.

What Are Some Tips for Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade for a Blue Dress?

When choosing lipstick for a blue dress, consider undertones. Nude shades are versatile, while red lipstick or berry tones add a pop of color. Experiment with different finishes like matte or glossy to complement the dress.

Is It Possible to Wear a Metallic or Shimmery Lipstick With a Black Dress?

Yes, it is possible to wear metallic or shimmery lipstick with a black dress. Consider bold red or nude shades with a matte finish for a sophisticated look. Alternatively, neutral tones or glossy options can add a touch of elegance.

Are There Any Specific Lipstick Finishes That Work Best With Blue or Black Dresses?

When considering lipstick finishes for blue or black dresses, it's essential to coordinate the color with your skin tone. Lip liners can help define the lips, while the right finish adds a polished touch to the makeup look.


In conclusion, the choice of lipstick color for a blue or black dress depends on personal preference, skin tone, and the desired effect.

Nude shades, reds, berry tones, peachy hues, and burgundy shades all complement a blue dress, while beige tones, darker shades, and bold reds enhance the look of a black dress.

Experimenting with different lipstick colors can help find the perfect match for any outfit.

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