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What Color Lipstick To Wear With Green Dress?

Green is a color that symbolizes harmony and acceptance, and rightly so. It compliments all skin complexions and undertones. If you have a deep skin tone, dusky skin tone, or a fair skin tone, this color can never go wrong. But choosing the right makeup with your green dress is hard, especially the lip color.

Not every lip color looks good with green. When combined with the green dress, some lip colors can make you look dull and tired, and other lip colors can make you look too flashy and out of place.

So, what should you do? It’s simple. Choose the color that complements the shade of green you are wearing. Complimentary makeup looks the best with your green dress and focuses on your natural, raw beauty.

Some colors work the best with a green dress. Read further to know more about them.

What color lipstick to wear with a green dress?

There are various shades of green that you can go for when you choose your dress. Some are dark green, lime green, olive green, sea green, medium green, and emerald green. Choose your lip color according to the shade of green.

Here, we have some lipstick colors that go well with your green dress.

1. Red lipstick

A classic red goes with everything. It is a lip color that never fails you. If you think it looks too flashy, you can’t be more wrong.

You can go for a bright red or deep oxblood red when pairing it with your green dress. Bright red is a fresh and flashy color, and you may think it will clash with your green dress. But that’s the beauty of it, and this clash gives you a gorgeous look.

The bright red complements your green ensemble and makes you look playful and cheerful. If you have a fair skin tone, go for this combination that will never go out of style.

But if you have a deep skin tone or a medium skin tone, stick to the deep oxblood red. It brings out a natural shine to your dusky and deep complexion and makes you look sensual. When you go for a red lip color, always try to keep your makeup to its bare minimum.

The trick with red lipstick and green dress is that they look beautiful because they clash.

But make sure to try out some combinations with different intensities of these colors. You don’t want to make them clash too much, and otherwise, you would end up looking like Christmas.

A pink or peach eye shadow and blush can go well for a day look. If you are wearing this combination in the evening or night, go for a bronze or light brown eyeshadow and blush.

Green eyeshadow is also a great option with your oxblood deep lipstick if you are okay with experimentation and want to go out of the box. Make sure to incorporate just a little bit of green to complement your eyes. Don’t go overboard with the green eye makeup, and it can make you look like a clown.

It is a perfect look if you are going to a party in the evening or at night.

2. Nude lipstick

Nudes never go wrong with any color. They are your best options when you want to opt for a bare minimum makeup look, and it’s also a great choice when you enjoy all the attention on your dress and eyes.

When you go for a nude lipstick, experimentation is a must. Not every nude shade looks good on everyone. So, choose the right nude for you, considering your skin complexion, undertones, and hair color.

You can pair up your green dress when you want to go for simple makeup when going to a casual outing or office. A green dress, nude lipstick, and neutral eye makeup and blush can complete your look.

On the other hand, if you want to highlight your eye makeup, go for the eyeshadow of the same color as your dress.

You can also try a combination of green and blue for eyeshadow and highlight them as much as possible without looking overwhelming. You can even skip the eyeliner if you want.

This combination draws all attention to your eyes and your dress. Apply a neutral blush to your cheeks. Wear a green neckpiece to complete your look. It is the perfect red carpet look that can make you look stunningly beautiful.

3. Pink lipstick

Pink is ideal if you think red is too flashy, but nude is too plain. Light pink lipstick is the best option to go for with your green dress, especially dark green and emerald green.

As these colors are deep and dark, a light pink lipstick looks great with them. It boosts your natural lip color and highlights it, and it does not take any attention away from your dress.

When you pair your dark green and emerald green dresses with light pink lipstick, try a glossy finish instead of a matte finish.

As this color is not too flashy, you can wear it daily. You can pair light pink lipstick with a green dress when going to office meetings or shopping with your friends.

Go light on the makeup with this combination. A stroke of eyeliner, light pink eyeshadow, and blush can complete your look and makes you look gorgeous. If you want to have a diva-like look when pairing these colors, ensure to wear a classy neckpiece.

4. Coral lipstick

Coral is a shade of orange with a tint of red or pink, depending on the color you choose. You can pair this color with a green dress to have a cheerful summer or spring look, and Coral lipstick looks the best with your green floral dresses.

Coral lipstick complements all skin colors and complexions. If you have fair skin, choose a soft coral shade. On the other hand, deep skin beauties and medium skin beauties can opt for a more vibrant coral shade.

If you have warm undertones, stick to a coral lipstick with an orange undertone.

For cool undertones, opt for coral lipstick with pink or red undertones. Choosing the coral lipstick according to your skin undertones helps accentuate your facial features.

Don’t go overboard with makeup. You can choose an orange or bronze eyeshadow and blush, and a stroke of eyeliner can complete your beautiful look.

Coral lipstick with a green floral dress gives you the best casual look. You can try this look for an outing, shopping, or on a date with your partner.

5. Peach lipstick

It is another color that looks great with your green ensemble. This light color accentuates your lips and prompts a beautiful look. If you are tired of red or pink, this is the color you can opt for sometimes.

Since peach comes on the light side of the color palette, you can play with your eye makeup. You can go for the dramatic effect by choosing smokey eyes. This look is ideal for an evening or night party. Don’t use dark blush when you go for smokey eyes or cat eyes. Go for neutral color blush.

You can also go minimal with this color by opting for simple makeup. Again, neutral color eyeshadow and blush can make your simple look gorgeous.

If you choose to go for a simple face makeup when pairing up a green dress with peach lipstick, go a little heavy on jewelry. It is also a perfect look for a party. If you are going for a casual event, lose the flashy jewelry, and you are good to go.

Our favorite color lipstick to wear with a green dress

Pink is the color that looks the best with all shades of green. If you opt for a dark green dress, you can choose a light pink lipstick. On the other hand, you can play with the dark colors if you want to go for a light green dress.

Try out some dark pink shades such as Fuschia and magenta with your green ensemble if you are open to experimentation. Otherwise, light pink is always a safe option.


Choosing a lipstick with green is a very overwhelming task. As most colors clash with green, many women try not to go for this color. But with the right makeup, your green can make you look drop-dead gorgeous.

When you want to go for a simple look, nudes, light pink, peach, and corals are your go-to option.

If you’re going to play heavy with your eye makeup, go for a nude, light pink, or peachy color lipstick. Choose red, Fuschia, magenta if you want to go all in.

Green eye makeup looks great with a green dress. So try some looks to see what works for you. Combining all the above lipstick colors with a green dress looks deadly. Don’t forget to try some combinations and play with the intensities of the colors.