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What Color Lipstick To Wear With Orange Dress? 6 Options

Women of all age groups love lipsticks. And why wouldn’t it be? It has the power to elevate any outfit. An orange dress is versatile, and you can wear it on various occasions, depending on the mood and the venue.

You can wear it for brunch, a lunch date or even on a casual day at work. The best part is that the color looks flattering on all skin tones, especially on the warmer skin tones.

So if you are wondering ‘what color lipstick to wear with an orange dress’, this article is for you. Here are some lipstick shades you can wear with this gorgeous color to look your absolute best.

What color lipstick to wear with an orange dress?

An orange dress is perfect for summer and gives an easy-breezy look that everyone can pull off and look good. One of the factors that you can consider while choosing the lipstick shade is the outfit material.

If the dress is chiffon or organza, go for a softer lip shade; but if the material is velvet or satin, a brighter lip will look better. It is crucial to wear the right kind of makeup that will complement the overall look.

A brown eyeshadow will look good during the daytime, whereas you can add an element of structure with winged eyeliner to elevate your look for the night.

The color orange can come across as a tricky color to find lipsticks that go well with, but on the contrary, several colors pair well with it. While several lipsticks are available in the market, here is a list of shades you can wear with your orange outfit.

1. Hot Pink

Looking for the perfect lip shade for a night out with friends? Pair your orange dress with hot pink lipstick, and you are good to go. The lipstick draws instant attention to your lips and brightens up your face.

The color hot pink suits fair to medium skin tones. But this shade of lipstick is an absolute must-have in your vanity. Keep your makeup minimal, and let your lipstick and outfit steal the show.

2. Soft Pink or Blushed Pink

If you believe in less is more, soft pink lipstick is what you should wear with an orange dress. The subtle color of the lipstick compliments well with a darker shade of orange and makes you look feminine.

It adds freshness to the overall outfit and gives it a break from monotony. You can play with your makeup in this look as the lip shade is subtle and will not draw attention to your mouth.

Go for a brown or light pink eyeshadow to add a tint of color to your eyelids. These shades of lipsticks look flattering during the day, and you can use them with a darker lip liner to extend their wearability to the night.

3. Corals

You will rarely be able to go wrong with a monochrome look. It is neither too much nor too less and reflects the right amount of effort. You can wear coral lipsticks with all shades of orange- whether a burnt orange, a soft orange, or a rust orange.

What’s more? Coral lipsticks look amazing on all skin tones. It compliments everyone, especially women with wheatish skin tone. If you are in the mood to experiment, you can go for a graphic winged liner and a peach blush. If not, a basic eyeliner would look just as good.

4. Reds

The color red is versatile, and it is no secret that you can pair it with everything. It has the quality of transforming any outfit from drab to fab within seconds. An orange attire is no different.

Whether you are wearing an orange saree, a shirt, or a dress – pair it with red lipstick, and you will look stunning. The combination of an orange satin shirt with bold red lipstick is a statement look.

Keep the makeup minimal to balance out the bold lips. You can wear red lipstick throughout the day; ensure it does not overpower your entire appearance.

5. Orangish Red

If you are someone who finds red lipstick too intimidating, you can try an orangish-red shade instead. It is the perfect blend of both colors, making it a pretty unique shade.

You can wear it with an orange jumpsuit or a co-ord set to give yourself a chic makeover. You can experiment with a pop of color on the eye or play it safe with orange-hued eyes. It is always advisable to not overdo the contouring with bold lipstick. The shade suits all skin tones.

6. Peach

One of the lesser-known choices to pair an orange outfit with, peach has orange undertones that best suit the color. The pairing is underrated, but that in no way lessens the gorgeousness of the attire. It looks beautiful after coming together. Wear it with a simple kohl eye makeup, a little bit of mascara, and a hue of peach blush – and wait for how the eyes turn after seeing you walk into the room.

Our favorite color lipstick to wear with an orange dress

Fashion is about comfort and relatability – if you are confident in what you wear, half your job is over. But the moment you start having doubts, it shows up on your face and crumples the entire look down.

So for us, choosing the proper lipstick to wear with an orange outfit is equally important as is to pick the correct shade for the attire. The lipstick color that looks the most flattering with an orange dress is the classic – nude. Nudes are versatile, and it can tone down an outfit to the desired intensity.

Nudes look good on every skin tone. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes down to nude lipsticks and the undertones assigned. Consider your skin tone and the outfit’s shade to find the perfect nude lipstick that will elevate your orange outfit look.

Another way to choose your ideal nude lipstick is to carefully get a nude lipstick that is the closest match to your natural lip shade. It is a full-proof tip that you will never go wrong.

There are nudes with different undertones like brown, coral, and pink. While some nude lipsticks can make you look put together, others can make your face look washed out.

Coral and pink nudes can be tricky to pair- choose it when you are willing to experiment. The brown nude, however, is the safest bet. It looks good on all skin tones, especially on darker ones.

An important thing to note is that the lipstick is only a part of the entire look. The real deal is to sync the overall make-up with the outfit.

You can either go for a soft glam look with a nude lip, peach-hued eyeshadow, and rosy cheeks, or go all in and do a glam look with shimmery eyes or smoky eyes and pair it with a contoured face and nude lips.


Wait no more! Pick your favorite orange attire and ace it with the perfect shade of lipstick. We assure you that all eyes will be on you once you understand the color tones well and strike the proper balance. We hope this article was helpful.