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What Color Lipstick To Wear With Red?

Red is a beautiful and bold color that draws your attention. You can never go unnoticed if you are donning a red dress. That’s why it’s a go-to option for many people for several occasions, including the red carpet events. But your makeup should also be flawless to make you look like the goddess you are.

Makeup is all about experimentation, trials, and errors, spending time in front of the mirror to decide what works for you. When it comes to lipstick, it’s a task to choose the right shade that will complete your look. Every color cannot look good with your dress and your skin undertone.

You can’t wear a bold and dark lipstick color if you go to your office. You can’t wear nude lipstick if you want to make a bold fashion statement. So, choose your lipstick according to the occasion and the look you want to go for here.

What color lipstick to wear with red?

Even though choosing a lipstick shade is all about experimentation, some shades can accentuate your look. Some of them are listed below. So, make sure to read till last.

1. Nude lipstick

The nude shade is the best option if you wear a red dress. Since the red dress is a fashion statement itself, you don’t want to steal attention from it. Your nude lipstick helps you achieve the same goal.

Nude is a shade that complements your red dress with utter perfection. Nude shade and red dress is a duo like Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. It can never go wrong.

There is only one problem with choosing the nude shade. If you choose the wrong nude shade, your look can go wrong.

Since every skin and pair of lips have a different undertone, ensure that your nude shade matches yours.

You can experiment with your eye makeup when you are applying nude lipstick. The most efficient eye look is the smokey eyes. They look great with your red dress and your nude lipstick. This combination can make you look more beautiful, sexy, and elegant.

Pair your dress and makeup with red heels. You can try out this look if you are going for a party late at night, that special anniversary dinner with your partner, or on your first date where you want to make a long-lasting impression on your date.

2. Peach lipstick

Peach Lipstick highlights all your natural features and helps accentuate your entire look. This shade does not overpower the color of your dress. Therefore, it helps you in emphasizing the natural curves of your lips. It also helps to retain the focus on your clothing.

As this is a light shade, you can go for a little dark shade for your eye makeup. You can play with the eye shadow pallet, choose something from the brown or grey pallet and still look highly stunning.

Moreover, if you want to draw people’s attention to a piece of jewelry you are wearing, this is the right option. The lipstick is perfect to wear when you are going to the office, meeting with a client, or going on an outing with your gang.

3. Red lipstick

Red lipstick is a lipstick that never goes out of style, even with a red dress. It looks classy, elegant, and sexy. But you have to make sure that the shade of your red lipstick does not clash with your red.

To ensure this:

  1. Spend some time in front of the mirror and experiment a little.
  2. Always choose a darker shade of red lipstick than the shade of your dress.
  3. Make sure that your red lipstick has a hint of burgundy, crimson, or wine. This combination won’t be overwhelming.

It looks even more beautiful if you have blonde hair.

Don’t overdo your eye makeup if you are wearing red lipstick with a red dress. You need to keep your makeup at the bare minimum with this combination. If you overdo it, it would feel overwhelming.

If you have a fair skin tone and blond hair, this is an ideal choice of lipstick for you. It makes your skin tone shine and accentuates your overall look.

You want your overall makeup to look as natural as it can be. A stroke of eyeliner and mascara is enough to complete your look. For eyeshadow and blush, go with a neutral color like nude shade. Also, ensure that it matches your skin tone.

4. Purple lipstick

Don’t worry if you think that purple lipstick can be too much with a red dress! It’s not. But you have to experiment with the look a little to determine which shade looks the best on you. This experimentation makes sure that you would choose the right lipstick for yourself.

For instance, there are two shades in purple that look great with a red dress, mauve, and plum. Both these shades complement your red dress very well but in two different ways. For example, mauve is a pale shade that is a perfect choice for red carpet events where you want to focus on your dress.

On the other hand, plum has a hint of brown in it. This shade of lipstick is ideal when you want to tone down the color of your dress a little. It will highlight your lips and give you a more casual and informal look.

Choose the shade from the above two shades according to your needs.

5. Black lipstick

In the fashion industry, black comes with boldness. It takes guts and courage to pull off black, especially black lipstick.

There is something about this color that catches everyone’s eye. If you think you have to wait for Halloween to wear this shade of lipstick, you could not be more wrong about it.

If you want to go for a gothic look, this is the ideal choice of lipstick for you. If you’re going to don the black lipstick without going gothic, mix it with fresh and bright shades. This mixing of colors helps you tone down the black lipstick.

If you want to give your lipstick a sparkling effect, apply some glittery lipgloss over your lipstick. Using lipgloss will make your lipstick more fresh and bright.

When you are donning that black lipstick with pride, make sure you take care of your overall makeup. You don’t want your look to be overwhelming or over the top. So, make sure to go for minimal makeup.

Choose an eyeshadow and blush that perfectly matches your skin tone. If you go for bold makeup with black lipstick, it won’t look good. Also, just one stroke of mascara and eyeliner is enough to complete your makeup.

Black is one of those colors which goes well with all the skin undertones. Hence, it looks perfectly good with all skin tones. So you don’t have to worry about whether this color would suit you or not.

Go on a date night or a party wearing this lipstick. This lipstick won’t be a good choice if you go to the office, work tour, or meet a client.

6. Light Pink lipstick

At many workplaces, wearing too much makeup can be labeled as unprofessional. So, If you are going to the office wearing a red dress, you can’t apply dark color lipsticks. You can go with pink lipstick at places like this, where you have to do subtle makeup.

Light pink lipstick gives you a simple yet classic elegant look. It doesn’t feel distracting, and you can go for this look every day. Make sure you go with neutral shades for your eye shadow and blush. These neutral shades help accentuate your look even more.

Light pink lipstick looks stunningly beautiful on women who have fair skin tone. It complements their skin tone and their dress at the same time. So, if you have a golden undertone, go for this lipstick without a second thought. You can wear this lipstick when you go to the office, date or shopping.

7. Coffee Brown Lipstick

Coffee brown is one more color that looks seductive and attractive on your lips when you wear a red dress. Applying coffee brown lipstick gives you a chance to play and experiment with your eye makeup to find out what suits you the best.

If you have a darker undertone, this is the ideal choice of lipstick for you to apply when you wear a red dress. You can go with a bit of eye makeup. Make sure you don’t overdo it because it can overpower your lipstick and dress.

You can apply brown eyeshadow and the same shadow of blush to match your lipstick shade. You can also try golden eyeshadow to sparkle your look a little. This makeup makes you look classy and seductive.

If you are going for an evening party, a night party, or a date, go with this look. If you do, you will surely turn some heads over to your classy look.

Our favorite color lipstick to wear with red

When choosing the lipstick to wear with a red dress, nude is the best choice for medium or dark skin tones. It complements the overall look perfectly. It doesn’t look overwhelmingly overpowered and does not distract the focus from your red dress.

The nude shade looks a little pale when it comes to fair skin tone. Peach is a color that looks beautiful when it comes to fair skin tones. If you apply a lipgloss over the peach color, it looks more beautiful than it already is.


To sum it up, makeup is all about experimentation. It is all about finding the correct match for you. What looks good on someone else might not look good on you and vice versa. You can achieve the perfect makeup look only by trial and error.

This article makes it easy to choose the right lipstick. But for that, you have to have a deep understanding of your skin tone. Skintone plays a vital role in selecting the right lipstick.

If you want a formal yet classy look, go for nude, pink, or peach lipsticks. They are ideal for office meetings and client meetings. That does not mean you can’t wear them for parties or date nights.

It’s the dark colors of lipsticks that you got to be careful with here. You can’t wear dark lipstick to any occasion or your office. Also, when you play with dark colors, you got to be extra careful with your eye makeup.

Now, you have all the information you will need on the color of lipstick that you can wear with a red dress. So, get that beautiful red dress out of your wardrobe and flaunt it with your makeup.