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What Color Lipstick To Wear With White Dress? 5 Options To Choose

We often do not have sufficient time to plan or choose our outfits before an occasion. After all, keeping up with busy schedules can be quite a task. On such days, picking up on a white outfit to wear is the safest bet. The color white is extremely versatile, and you can pair it with almost everything.

Contrary to popular belief, as much as it is good to have a versatile color to play with- it also makes room for confusion. If you are a makeup enthusiast, you will love the choices. But worry not! If you have been worrying about ‘what color lipstick to wear with a white dress?’, this article is for you.

What color lipstick to wear with a white dress?

When deciding on an outfit, the major concern is whether to match the makeup and accessories or strike a contrast. While these may take up most of your deciding time, playing it safe or going all out is also important.

Makeup is as important as choosing the right fit and flare. If the makeup does not sit well, your outfit can make you look drab from fab in no time. Hence, paying close attention to all the details is always advisable.

A white dress, however, is the safest to pair any makeup, jewelry, or shoes. Consider the occasion, and half your work is complete. If it is for a church wedding, keep the lipstick towards a pinkish hue.

If it is for a funeral, stick to nude lipsticks. You can also wear red or maroon lipstick for a night with friends and family. To make your lipstick stay longer and not make you look washed out, always line your lips before topping it off with the lipstick of your choice.

You can pair many lipsticks with a white dress, owing to their versatility. It is a wardrobe; as we said earlier, it may create confusion too. So we are listing down a few of our favorite lipstick shades that you can easily wear with a stunning white dress.

You can choose from finishes like satin, matte, gloss, demi-matte, etc. Additional advice will be to prep your skin well, as a white outfit will attract attention to your skin.

Here are some color shades you can try out with your white outfit.

1. Rose Pink Lipstick

If you want to opt for a feminine look, your safest bet would be to go for a rose pink lipstick. It adds a floral vibe to the look and makes you come across as a soft, lady-like figure.

The color puts your look together and does not take attention away from your beautiful dress. A rose-pink lipstick goes best with a long white gown or a staple mini-white dress.

As it is a feminine color, it would look best with an outfit made of flowy material like chiffon, georgette, etc. You can keep the makeup minimal by dabbing the same shade of lipstick onto your eyelids for a subtle, rosy eye look. Pair it with a rose pink blush to sync the look together without working too hard on it.

If you want to add structure to your face, you may apply contour, but the step is skippable. You can also overline your lips with a darker shade of pink to make your lipstick stand out. Or, you can also opt for a gloss.

2. Red Lipstick

Red is a gorgeous color that can elevate any look within seconds. You will instantly shift your outfit from a basic to a glam only with a single application of red lipstick.

White is an understated color, so wearing red lipstick enhances the outfit’s subtlety and grabs attention to your lips. It looks good on everything – be it a white shirt, a dress, a saree, or a salwar suit.

For an official after-party, you can pair a red lipstick with a white satin shit for the edgy look. While if you are wearing it for brunch with friends or a family get-together, stick to a basic dress.

You can wear a rose gold bracelet to add an element of color to the overall outfit. The makeup can also be experimental – either a simple eyeliner or a graphic winged liner.

If you want to go all out, use red eyeliner to define your eyes. The best part? It suits all skin complexions. Fair-skinned girls can wear a cool-toned red, while medium-skinned girls can opt for a neutral red. But if you belong to the darker shade group, a warm-toned red would look the best on you.

3. Maroon

Maroon is a bold color and would look gorgeous across all skin tones. Whether you belong to the fairer complexion or wheatish, maroon compliments every skin tone brilliantly.

One thing to remember is that the formula is drying. So you need to apply a lip balm before applying the lipstick. Maroon lipstick is best for night outs and adds oomph to any outfit, especially a neutral color outfit like white.

Keep it minimal with nude or brown eyeshadow for the makeup, or go for a shimmery eye look to create the dazzling glam look.

Contour it well to make your jawline pop up and enhance your cheekbones. Line your lips well with a lip liner to make your lipstick last longer and to add definition to your lips.

4. Brown

A brown lipstick is an underrated choice for a white outfit, but it gives the perfect toned down. This shade is a cult favorite and has come back from the 90s.

There is a brown for every skin tone – but stay clear of browns with gray undertones as it may make you look washed out. You can also do an ombre lip by applying a lighter shade in the middle part and lining it with a darker shade.

5. Nude

A nude lipstick can be tricky to choose, but once you land on a nude shade that best fits your skin tone, there is no return. You will not be able to get over its brilliance.

Nudes are available in shades – brown, pink, coral, mauve, and more. Go for the one that compliments you best. You can always line your lips for a better color payoff.

Pairing nude lipstick with a white outfit gives you the minimal chic look – best suited for daytime. For the makeup, try and stick to eyeliner or a little bit of brown eyeshadow. But if you want your eyes to pop, opt for a shimmery eyeshadow.

Our favorite color lipstick to wear with a white dress

To each its own, but I love pairing a white outfit with a Fuschia lipstick. The color is feminine and looks good on every skin tone, especially on women with cool undertones.

You can use any formula you are comfortable with, but I prefer sticking to a glossy finish for that extra glam look. The quality that makes this shade stand out is its ability to draw attention to the lips.

A simple, thin eyeliner is all that you require with this gorgeous shade. Whether or not you want to do eye makeup becomes optional, as the lipstick becomes the show-stealer.


Do you have a party to attend this weekend and are still not sure what to wear? Choose a white dress instantaneously.

It will make you look flattering, as well as give you the chance to play with your hair and makeup. A piece of advice from our end would be to consider the invitation’s time and venue.

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Saturday 20th of August 2022

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