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What Color Lipstick To Wear With Yellow Dress?

If you want to give warm vibes just by your look, you must have a yellow dress in your wardrobe. The yellow color represents sunshine and warmth and suits women of every skin tone and complexion. But wearing a dress is not enough. It would be best to complement your ensemble with the right makeup for the right look.

If you don’t do your makeup right, it can drastically affect your look. A lipstick shade can change your vibe from bold to cheerful to flirty.

That’s why, from eye makeup to blush shade to the lipstick you will wear, everything should be just right. But choosing these things can get overwhelming, especially the lipstick.

Your concerns are justified. So here we are, assisting you in choosing the right lipstick shade for you to don. Make sure to choose the lipstick according to your needs.

What color lipstick to wear with yellow dress

Here is the list of lipstick colors that goes well with a yellow dress.

1. Orange lipstick with red undertones

The combination of orange lipstick with the yellow dress can make you look stunningly beautiful. Orange is a lip color that makes you look flirty and cheerful, and it offers a playful summer look instantaneously.

This color looks fantastic on every skin tone and complexion, specifically deep skin tone women, and it perfectly complements your natural beauty.

If you are a teenager and want that cheerleader vibe to your look, this is your go-to color. If you’re going to go to a party or official meeting, elevate your look with this lipstick color. Avoid trying bright orange lipstick with your yellow dress.

You can try dark-winged eyes with this lipstick, or you can go for a simple look. If you want to go for dark-winged eyes, choose a light pink pallette for your eyeshadow and blush.

If you are going for just a stroke of eyeliner, you can play with the palette a little. But make sure to keep your eyeshadow and blush shade in the red family.

Try out pink, orange, or peach color eyeshadow and blush. See what suits you the best and do your makeup accordingly.

2. Pink lipstick

Pink is a lipstick that rocks your yellow dress. This combination makes you look stand out from the crowd, making you look cheerful and young.

Pink is a perfect color to wear at parties where you want to stand out and at the office where you don’t want to highlight your makeup.

It gives you a playful, cheerful, youthful look and prompts your confidence. If you wear pink lipstick with the yellow dress when going to a party, make sure to pair it with smokey or dramatic eye makeup.

Use a light pink eyeshadow and blush, which won’t steal focus from your eyes. Pair your ensemble with high heels, and you are ready to party.

If you pair your yellow dress with pink lipstick when going to the office, make sure to do minimal makeup. Try light pink or peach eyeshadow and blush for this look. This combination will give you a fresh look without highlighting your makeup much.

Choose a pink shade that suits your skin tone. Also, keep in mind not to choose pink lipstick with a blue undertone when wearing a yellow dress.

3. Red lipstick

Yellow dress and red lipstick is elegant combination that can never fail. Red is a lipstick color that never goes out of style, no matter what look you want to flaunt. Most women hesitate to don this lip color for fear of looking too flashy. If you are one of them, don’t hesitate.

Yellow dress and red lipstick are a color combination that every woman must try, especially in summers, and it helps you step up your style game.

Red lip color makes you look bold, classy, sexy, and elegant. It helps your dress and lips look more vibrant, and it also makes your lips look warm and natural in the summer and spring seasons.

When you go for red lipstick, make sure not to go overboard with your makeup. Avoid bright and dark makeup with your yellow ensemble. Try to keep your overall makeup as minimal as possible. Use light pink eyeshadow and blush. Since your lips are the focus of this look, keep your accessories as minimal and subtle as possible.

You can try this look when going for an outing with friends or a wedding. If you have a deep skin tone, make sure to avoid coral red lipstick with a dark and vibrant orange undertone, and it might make you look flashy.

4. Peach lipstick

Peach is an ideal alternative if you don’t like pink lipstick, and it is another feminine color that makes you look beautifully radiant. It goes well with every skin tone and hair color, and it also suits you no matter what the occasion is.

When you pair it with the right dress, makeup, and accessories, it helps you make a statement. It makes you look classy and elegant. When you apply peach lipstick, you have the option to experiment with your eye makeup.

You can go for smokey eyes if you want a bold and sexy look. Make sure not to use a flashy eyeshadow and blush color. Try peach or pink color eyeshadow and blush. It complements the smokey eyes very well and also accentuates your eye makeup. You can look for a part of a special occasion like a date.

If you want a classic subtle look, go for simple eye makeup with just a stroke of eyeliner. Try peach or pink eyeshadow color and blush color. You can try this combination for everyday makeup where you don’t want to go overboard with your makeup.

5. Nude lipstick

Do you want to go for a dark eye makeup look? Or a trendy no-makeup look? Or do you want to draw attention to anything other than your lips, like your eyes or your jewelry? Then nude is your go-to shade, and this lipstick color makes you look elegantly beautiful.

When you go for a smokey eye look, this lipstick color complements your face perfectly.

If you went for dark lipstick, your eye makeup and the flashy lipstick would clash, and that, as a result, would nullify the effects of lipstick and eye makeup or look too overwhelming. Also, make sure to keep your blush to a bare minimum.

If you don’t want any attention to your makeup, you can go for a classy no-makeup look. Nude is the lipstick that can give you a perfect no-makeup look. Use neutral shades for your eyeshadow and blush, and you are good to go.

Before choosing a nude shade, experiment with various nude shades.

Finding the right nude takes experimentation and patience. But when you finally find the right nude shade that flaunts your facial features, the time engagement and efforts would be worth it.

6. Mauve lipstick

If you are bored with all the neutral colors, try this shade of lipstick. Mauve is a combination of blue and purple, and it has pretty famously become the “new nude” for women. The combination of yellow and mauve elevates your style and makes you look gorgeous from head to toe.

Try this combination when you go for a party and make the head turn by your beautiful look. This look never fails you if it is a red carpet, a party, or a daily outing. Yellow and mauve is a combination that looks elegant, classy, and sexy.

If you have a fair skin tone, choose a mauve lipstick with a hint of pink in it. For dusky skin beauties, try deep shade mauve with purple undertones.

Mauve with a brown undertone is the best option for a deep skin tone. Remember that the mauve shade looks the best in a matte finish with a yellow dress. So go for a matte finish look.

Choose the mauve shade according to your skin tone and complexion.

Our favorite color lipstick to wear with a yellow dress

Of all the colors mentioned above, red will take precedence before them all. It’s a color that suits every skin tone and complexion, and it brings out your natural beauty in its best form. The combination of yellow and red makes you look sizzling and dazzling, no matter the occasion.

Keep your makeup on the light side when trying your yellow ensemble with red lipstick. Go for peach eyeshadow and blush for a day’s makeup. Choose bronze eyeshadow and blush shades for the evening and night makeup look. It will give you a classic yet attractive look.


To sum it all, makeup is all about experimentation. What looks good on one person does not necessarily look good on another. A specific makeup look won’t look good on two people, even if they have the same complexion or different undertones. So try out a few combinations.

You can wear all the above shades with your yellow dress, and you can choose the one according to the look you want. Take into account your skin tone, hair color, look you want to flaunt, and the event. You don’t want to look like a diva if you attend a funeral. So, take your dress out of the wardrobe and start experimenting right now.