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What Color Lipstick To Wear With Purple Dress : 5 Amazing Options

The color purple is not an easy color to pull off. Whether it is about finding the correct lipstick to pair with or deciding on the event you want to wear it for – purple can be pretty tricky if you let it be.

If you look closely at the color, you will find that many cartoon wizards or characters wear purple cloaks. The color represents wit, power, change, and creative faculty.

If you often wonder about ‘what color lipstick to wear with a purple dress,’ this article is for you. Purples have two undertones assigned to them. It is on you to look out for the details.

What color lipstick to wear with a purple dress?

Many women shy away from wearing a purple dress, owing to the complexities surrounding pairing the right makeup with it. Unlike most other colors, purple can be quite tricky to crack.

To understand this better, let us first discuss the different shades of purple. What is purple? Purple is a range of hues that fall between reds and blues of the extensive color palette.

Additionally, there are innumerable variations of purple – pale purple, mauve, amethyst, violet, lilac, and many more.

On a spiritual level, you can wear purple for any occasion. Be it your graduation ceremony, wedding, a date, or lunch with family – you can wear it everywhere and still look as stunning as you! If it is for a wedding or a night at the club, stick to deeper hues, while paler shades suit best for lunch or any formal event.

The color suits all skin tones, especially on cooler undertones. For dark skin beauties, lighter shades of purple look flattering without making the contrast apparent.

Now that you have formed an idea of the color let us delve deep into the fashion and beauty aspect of it. Here are a few different lipstick shades you can pair with your purple dress and ace any party.

1. Nudes

Nudes go with almost every color, and the color purple is no different. It can be hard to find your perfect shade if you are new to wearing nude lipsticks. But with consistent time and effort, a few hits and misses- you do land with your perfect one!

Nudes, however difficult to find, compliment every skin tone. You can pick and choose shades of nudes with a handful of undertones. Some of them are browns, pinks, and corals.

An important thing to note is that nudes tend to wash you out, so pay close attention to the shade range. A nude lipstick allows you to go all out with the eyes.

A glimmer eyeshadow or a winged eyeliner would look best with nude lipstick. Apply a little bit of mascara, and the look is complete!

2. Pink Lipstick

Pinks are the best choice when it comes down to selecting the perfect lip shade for your purple dress. You can choose a subtle pink or hot pink, depending on your vibe.

Subtle pinks are more apt for the daytime, while the darker shades look best during the night. However, you can wear it at any point in time, whenever it suits you the best.

For the makeup, go for a pink eyelid with a little bit of sheen on the inner corners. Top it off with a decent number of coats of lengthening mascara and double graphic eyeliner, and that’s it.

3. Red Lipstick

Red is not the best choice for a purple dress, but some hues of red look good with it. If your dress is more relaxed, try pairing it with a red with a calm tone and vice versa.

Crimson red is a fantastic choice for this outfit. Pair it with simple kohl eyes, blush, and a little contouring to add structure to your face. Reds suit all skin tones, so it won’t be that hard to find your red.

4. Purple Lipstick

Unlike the other colors, choosing the right purple to pair with your purple dress can be pretty challenging. But the effort is worth it all. If you find the purple that compliments your dress the best – the after-effects can be drop-dead gorgeous.

The trick here is finding a lipstick matching your outfit’s color. Swatch the shade onto your hands when choosing the perfect fit. It enables you to understand the color payoff and the opacity and guides you in finding the exact match.

Keep the makeup simple. Either go in with a single stroke of purple eyeliner or skip the kohl or eyeliner entirely. Mascara is all you need to set you up.

5. Brown Lipstick

Browns can be a good shade of lipstick to pair with your purple outfit. The drill is just the same; consider the time of the event and decide whether to go for a lighter shade or not.

The makeup can be top-notch with brown lipstick, owing to its compatibility with most colors. Many celebrity makeup artists also prefer brown lipsticks over reds and pinks. Browns look flattering on everyone.

Our favorite color lipstick to wear with a purple dress

As I’ve mentioned, to find the perfect lip shade for a purple attire – always consider the hue of the purple you are wearing. Whether it is a plum, lilac, mauve, or violet, choose the lipstick that compliments it the best.

Nudes and pink tones are the safest options, as they come with their independent shade range that further customizes and helps you find the right hue for your skin tone.

Contrary to popular belief, I think it is not that hard to find lipstick for a purple dress. Knowing fashion and what works for you should do the trick. Choose the lipstick keeping the fabric, event, and the time of the day you will be wearing it in mind.

My favorite lipstick shade to pair with a purple dress is soft pink lipstick. Soft pinks are feminine and bring in the perfect balance to an otherwise dark purple dress.

I prefer to wear darker hues of purple as it works best on my skin tone. The color soft pink is the closest match to your lip, and it won’t wash you out. Instead, it makes room for a fresh and youthful look.

For the makeup, keep it pretty simple. The color purple is a bold color in itself. Since the dress is darker, let the attire do the talking.

Opt for a nude makeup with soft pink or brown hues on the eyelids, a highlighter on the higher points of your face, and pale pink lipstick. You can top the lipstick with a clear gloss for that added oomph.

If you want to experiment, go for a colorful eyelid. Play with colors and make your eyes pop. Rainbow eyelids are fashionable but look best with lilac or lavender dress.

The lipstick formulation also plays a significant role in deciding how the look will look. My advice will be to stick to a comfortable matte shade.

Do not forget to apply a generous amount of lip balm to hydrate and moisturize your lips before applying.

You can take it a step further by scrubbing your lips with sugar and honey to remove the dead cells and have a smooth surface for your lipstick. Line it up with a darker lip liner, and you are good.

However, it is essential to note that fashion and beauty are subjective to each their own. You can wear any formula or color of lipstick that you think would look good on you. Our suggestion would be to keep the glossy and sheens for the night.


We hope we covered most of the points related to the pairing of the color purple and how to strike the correct balance. A thing to remember is that balance is extremely crucial to allow an attire to look complete in itself.

If you overdo or underplay the makeup, the entire look may fail. A dress or lipstick alone cannot make or break a look. It is always the right mix of both that does the work.